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2008 September 17 – Links for today

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Satheesh Babu gives us some Tips and Tricks – ASP.Net AJAX Applications



I love this one – great idea from Janko Jovanovic for making great looking comment / submission forms with CSS, oh and don’t forget to check out his Amazing web design articles of Summer 2008


J Eggers continues his Starting jQuery series with Dynamically Applying Rules


OK, this one could be in WPF too, but hey it still makes for a great article wherever it is. Jonas Follesoe is back and Porting the Silverlight Dive Log application to WPF
Dan Wahlin gives us a good rundown of his latest Silverlight articles
Jeff Wilcox lets us know about the Silverlight unit test framework now on MSDN Code Gallery
Martin Mihaylov breaks down the Silverlight DataGrid even further with The DataGrid Column types
Wow, hardcore silverlight trigonometry (at least it is to me) over at Project Rosetta
Joel Neubeck discusses the Transformation Matrix in Silverlight 2
Gerard Leblanc gives us a lovely example of Simultaneous and dynamic animations
Sandy Place shows us a dynamic WCF Client Proxy in Silverlight
Mike Snow with Using Bookmarks in your Silverlight Application


Karl Shifflett has released XAML Power Toys v2
Vincent Sibal brings us more WPF DataGrid goodies with Styling rows and columns based on Header conditions and other properties
Greg Schecter gives a great intro to Multi-Input Shader Effects
Andrew Smith on Hit Testing in WPF


2008 September 11 – Links for today

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Matt Berseth on using jQuery with Dynamic Data Customizing the Delete Confirmation Dialog
Trevor Davis gives us a take on AJAX Forms with jQuery
James Padolsy brings us his 10 useful jQuery plugins
Dossy Shiobara brings us Client-side query term highlighting demo using jQuery
J Eggers brings more jQuerry loveliness with part 4 of his series Dynamically applying rules
Bill Beckelman tells us how we can use a Details Popup Via jQuery clueTip Plugin. After seeing this I remembered seeing something like this that was CSS only based – is quite old and only works in compliant browsers but well worth a looksee for a non script version


20 websites for mastering CSS


Brewster Kahle is building a truly huge digital library — every book ever published, every movie ever released, all the strata of web history … It’s all free to the public — unless someone else gets to it first.
Microsoft?s STO (Server & Tools Online) team released a new online site today called MSDN Social bookmarks. This is a Social Bookmarking site where users can add bookmarks, tag them in various ways, share them with others, etc. Sounds a bit like delicious to me, am quite keen to investigate the differences.
So, How do you test the performance of your web site?
Casey Charlton enlightens us on DDD with The Tao of Domain Driven Design
Six Revisions brings us some Awesome Photoshop text effects tutorials and some really useful cheatsheets for web developers / designers


Corey Shumann takes the slider control one step further with his Video slider control
Manish Dalal revisits Validation for Silverlight apps
Mike Snow gives us his tip on How to Customize the Silverlight Install Experience and How to create a zoom toolbar
Matt Berseth again on Angled Column Headers with Silverlight 2’s DataGrid


Derik Whittaker on Testing your IoC bindings
Ian Cooper brings us part 2 TDD and Hard To Test Areas – really , check this out!
Mark Michaelis brimgs us a glimpse of the differences between .Net Mock Object Frameworks: NMock, RhinoMock, TypeMock
Evan Hoff gives us a great screencast on Test-Driven Domain Model


Marlon Grech details Showing a notification Window (like msn) in WPF
Jake Ginnivan gives us his take on WPF Dynamic UI using binding

2008 August 21 – Links for today

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Article title says it all for this one – Easily build powerful client side ajax paging using jQuery

Coding Standards, Design Patterns

FXCop 1.36 released


Tony White puts out his 7 Principals of clean and optimised CSS code


Microsoft have released their “Writing Secure Code” book as a free e-book for a limited time (until August 28, 2008) at their e-learning site. You need to have a Windows Live ID and enter the code 7234-N4E8-4995 when prompted.


Mike Snow once more with Sprite Animation. Note to self, could well be useful as a reference for a glowing stars effect.


Rudi Grobler exposes his slides and demos from his Tech Ed Building Data Driven Applications using Windows Presentation Foundation and Five Cool Things to Know and Use for Smart Client Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 presentations
Text clarity in WPF

explain the current issues with small text rendering, give insight as to how WPF text rendering works and provide some basic workarounds to optimize small text rendering quality in currently released WPF versions