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2008 October 08 – Links for today

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Suprotim Agarwal’s Top 5 ASP.NET AJAX Articles You Must Read


Matthew Podwysocki  gives us a HUGE list of resources at Richmond Code Camp 2008.2 – Functional C# Recap

Vani Kulkarni does a nice job showing How to create and display funnel charts on a web page with C# and ASP.NET.


Dave Ward on Using jQuery to enhance ASP.NET AJAX progress indication


Joe Stagner reckons Artinsoft Aggiorno fixes your web pages with the software available at – there is a free version for IE8 too

Kevin Pang notes the 10 Programming Proverbs Every Developer Should Know

Lindsey Lake is having a Love Affair With Woopra which looks totally awesome by the way, she also presents some Typography Essentials – Free Fonts, Tools and Tutorials and How to Use CSS Sprites With Son of Suckerfish Drop Downs and Even More Obscure Photoshop Essentials! The Free Photoshop Brushes Edition

Patterns & Practices

Shivprasad Koirala presents a fair body of work with .NET Design Pattern Interview Questions Part 4, Part 3, Part 2 and Part 1


Peter Bromberg has been sneakily doing a whole series on Doing Data with Silverlight 2 Silverlight 2 RC0. Part VIII : Using the Threadpool, Part VII: Custom Binary Serialization, Part VI: A Generic Request WebServicePart V: Realtime StockQuotes / Scrolling Display, Part IV: Browser / Cookie Interaction, Part III: Extract and decompress resources from your SilverLight xap file on demandPart II: Data via ASMX and WCF web service, WebClient, and other modalities and Part I: Data and Databinding with Silverlight 2. Along with articles on Silverlight Cross-Domain / ClientAccessPolicy File checker and Silverlight: Dynamically add “favorites” bookmark link to Page Peter has been once seriously busy wee bee. Keep ’em coming Peter. We can’t get enough 🙂

Karen Corby on the Silverlight HTTP Networking Stack – Part 1 (Site of Origin Communication)

Yavor Georgiev and his take on Databinding and the SyndicationFeed class

Rob Houweling has a couple of nifty articles on Creating a sketch application in Silverlight – Part 2, Saving the sketch on the server and Authentication in Silverlight using ASP.NET FormsAuthentication

Laurence Moroney with some pretty good reasons as to the how and why you might want to DeepZoom your Office Documents!

Martin Mihaylov presents his findings on The ProgressBar control in Silverlight 2

Karl Shifflett announces XAML Powertoys with Silverlight support

Jonas Folleso and his YouCard, DiveLog and WebcamPOC updated for Silverlight 2 RC0

Bill Reiss announces Latest version of Silverlight Streaming helper classes and SLSExplorer and updates on a Breaking change to font embedding for Silverlight 2 RC0 and also gives a possible fix if you have Updated to Silverlight RC0 and now it’s broke? Cheers Bill.

Koen Zwikstra announces Silverlight Spy updated


Michael Coles and his take on A Google-like Full Text Search

Brian Knight’s Parameterizing SSRS Reports – SQL School Video

Samuel Vanga discusses Disabling a Trigger for a Specific SQL Statement or Session

Matt Berseth presents v0.2 of his Visit/PageView Cube – Creating a Hierarchy for the Source Dimension


Glen Stansberry summarises 20 Excellent AJAX Effects You Should Know

Smashing Magazine look at Retro and Vintage In Modern Web Design


Robbe Morris WPF – XAML Change Binding Attributes At Runtime


2008 October 06 – Links for today

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Omar Al Zabir – Create REST API using ASP.NET MVC that speaks both Json and plain Xml and Best practices for creating websites in IIS 6.0


Daniel Grunwald helps us out with Weak Events in C#


Rick Strahl laments the fact there is No Empty Selector in jQuery

OK So this one isn’t just jQuery but it is predominantly and it’s really a great list of jQuery resources so who’s gonna quibble (I don’t get a chance to say that word often enough, note to self, use the word quibble more in every day conversation :)).


Paul Stovell’s introduction to Bindable LINQ: Getting Started

Steve Michelotti introduces us to the Enterprise Library Validation Application Block with ASP.NET MVC

Stephen Forte announces a change to WCF and WF in Get Ready for Dublin

Roy Osherove list of tools and frameworks you should care about: Agile Testing tools List

Smashing magazine gives us 7 Version Control Systems Reviewed

Patterns and Practices

Shivprasad koirala presents his overview of Agile Development Part 2


Lee’s take on Changing Foreground of cells that are modified in DataGrid

Bill Reiss seems to be happier with font outlining in the latest SL2 release and says so in Finally, outlining text in Silverlight good enough for now

Martin Mihaylov brings more datagrid goodness with DataGrid and row details in Silverlight 2

David Anson sets out on Preserving access to Silverlight 2’s generic.xaml resources [SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser updated for the Silverlight 2 RC!]

Jeff Wilcox produces a great article on the Microsoft Silverlight Unit Test Framework which is available at the MSDN Code Gallery


Robert Sheldon discusses Using Powershell to Generate Table-Creation Scripts

Jacob Sebastian on Recursive CTE and Ordering of the hierarchical result


Jason Yip gives his hint with Test enough to be confident vs Complete testing in time


Jacob Gube brings us his 30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs

Jared Spool points us at browsewr compatibility development with Browser Compatibility: Asked & Answered


Brian Noyes presents Understanding Routed Events and Commands In WPF

Thomas Gerber presents his implementation of a WPF Explorer Bar

Tamir Khason reports on Free MS Expression video training and SILVERLIGHT BIDI CONTROLS LIBRARY RC0 AND MOVEMENT FROM BETA 2 TO RC0

Jaime Rodriguez details the WPF pixel shader effects library on Codeplex.

Adam Kinney does a WPF Effects Library Interview with David Teitlebaum and details some other effects Left out of the interview 

2008 October 03 – Links for today

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I got this link from a good colleague of mine who pointed me at Steven van Deursen’s Introducing CuttingEdge.Conditions.A library that helps developers to write pre- and postcondition validations and more here – really useful stuff, Cheers Rich and Steven.


DotNetSlackers keep on going with their series on JQuery, the very very basics – Lesson 4

Patterns & Practices

Kevin Hazzard points us at A Survey of Popular .NET Inversion of Control Containers


Greg Low on Presenting at Large Events (Lessons learned) 

What with Live Mesh causing a few security holes and by-passes and subsequently being blocked by companies, I got recommended syncplicity for folder synching. Gotta be worth a look. See the PCWorld article for more and a comparison with other similar sites.

The great wee CMS that is Umbraco is now even easier to learn now thanks to the video tutorials just released.

A really important message from Sitepoint in an interview by Kevin Yank with Derek Featherstone, Accessibility is More Than Compliance

I would want to find a way to have every web developer and designer experience what various people with disabilities would experience through whatever means, and in person if possible. Because that experience of seeing people and experiencing what shortcomings there are in our work when a person with a disability is using them … that’s a transformative experience


Tim Heuer on Installing Silverlight RC0 Offline and some hardcore media stuff in MediaStreamSource sample for Silverlight a piece of the Silverlight runtime that removes the influence of a media file’s container, giving developers direct access to APIs for manipulating encoded elementary audio and video streams and Silverlight and Web Service Errors

Jesse Liberty with more on his Dependency Properties – Precedence series

Jeff Paries’ film strip gallery – really, check this one out.

Mike Snow on How to Apply Styles in Silverlight – Part I

Bill Reiss announces Hello! Silverlight 2 coming to a bookstore near you

Mark Smith posts his demos from his 2-day binding + network Silverlight2 training in Boston   


Jacob Sebastian TSQL Lab 20 – Performing recursive updates using a BOTTOM to TOP recursive CTE


Ben Scheirman  presents a great tip on Using Extension Methods to Clean Up Tests

Tim Barcz follows on from his great post yesterday to discuss a really fundamental yet basic Testing Pre-Requisite – Care About Your Code – once more, I completely agree Tim, nicely put.


Nathan Moody gives a great look at pressure based input with From the Labs: Microsoft Surface + Nintendo Wii Mashup

Dmitry Fadeyev reckons we should Forget the Wireframes, Throw Away Your Boxy Layouts — Design BIG! and I love this post on Manage Focus Effectively Using Contrast. It definitely aids in guiding the user to key pieces of information, now we just need to figure out what they actually want highlighted and not necessarily what we think they want 🙂

Jared Spool on Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild

Anthony J. Zinni rounds up AMAZING WEBSITES TEN: SEPTEMBER 2008


Rudi Grobler on Binding to enum’s

Rajesh Pillai continues with Simple WPF BarChart (Horizontal and Vertical) – Part II

2008 September 24 – Links for today

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Ashish brings us news of a great ViewState Decoder Add-On for Firefox


The UI Guy brings his The UI guy – Select Box Factory 2.0 for jQuery to the table. The demos highlight some fantastic functionality

Cedric Dugas shows us his Hover image link fader


Shahar Y asks EventArgs.Empty – Do You Use It?


Peter Norvig shows that maybe you should take the longer term view with Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

Patterns & Practices

Phil Haack explains how The Design Is Never Right The First Time

Dino Esposito breaks down ASP.NET and Design Patterns


Koen Zwikstra – lets us know about Silverlight Spy gets an update

Anthony Lombardo breaks down Building Line of Business Apps in Silverlight 2

esse Liberty shows two ways to change the appearance of a control: with “in-line” attributes and XAML styles. He also shows how to create styles in Expression Blend–and shows the XAML Expression Blend generates automatically–and how to drag-and-drop styles onto controls. Also Styling and skinning objects and how to add state management to template controls using the Visual State Manager

Michiel Post presents his Free Silverlight Multi File Uploader


Jared Spool highlights What Goes into a Well-Done Critque?


Beatriz Costa on How can I debug WPF bindings?

Doug at Worksight opens our eyes to the Closable TabItem

Pavan Podila on apply a striped background to any of your elements

2008 September 04 – Links for today

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Scott Hunter publishes some samples for using stored procedures with Dynamic Data


Making a Fade in / Fade out splash screen


Windows Home Server Trial version


Bert Czernicki presents Silverlight Multithreading with controls (Slider example)


Joel Ivory Johnson presents a WPF Data Binding article

2008 September 03 – Links for today

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Building a CMS system in ASP.NET


Creating a popless notification window (kinda like the outlook email notification window)


Soak Your Headfree on-line application that provides dual-n-back training for memory and intelligence
Google steps into the cage that is the browser war and does it with a comic which is well worth viewing.
Is HTML 5 worth caring about?


An awesome silverlight drag , drop and docking article by Martin Grayson


Brian Knight presents a video on Using Profiler – SQL School Videohow to create a trace and the various options you have for monitoring events


Five Techniques for Getting Buy-In for Usability Testing
Check out the User Interface Resuorce Centerprovides free articles and White Papers written by industry leaders about user interface design and rich Internet applications (RIAs)
The Guys at Effective UI show some sterling examples of how it can be done.


Excellent article on Using Callback Contracts in WCF for Asynchronous Publish/Subscribe Event-Style Communication
Using WCF Callback Services Throttling


Mike Taulty has published a bunch of his WPF Event samples