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2008 December 17 – Links for today

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Scott Hanselman posts a well articulated response to some of the community goings on in ASP.NET MVC Samples, Oxite, and Community


Dmitry Fadeyev on the Pressed Button State With CSS

Joren Rapin offers CSS Navigation Rollovers With Drop-downs

Sylvain Galineau  presents The CSS Corner: Alternate Style Sheets


Jon Hobbs-Smith offers Improve your jQuery – 25 excellent tips

NetTuts spotlight the rather nifty jQuery Cheat Sheet


The Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling Tool v3

Roger Johansson on how to Find inline CSS and JavaScript with Inline Code Finder

Shawn Wildermuth on ADO.NET Data Services for Multiple Databases?

Dirk Metzmacher presents 60 Beautiful Christmas Photoshop Tutorials 

Scott Koon highlights Wubi – Ubuntu Installer for Windows


Katrien De Graeve announces Unity for Silverlight by P&P group has been released

Jonathan van de Veen with his Adventures while building a Silverlight Enterprise application part #1

Page Brooks announces Silverlight Contrib 2008.0.0 – Alpha 3 Available!

Boyan Mihylov with Silverlight SEO

The Swiss MSDN team have release their thoughts on WPF vs. Silverlight for Intranet Line of Business apps

Koen Zwijstra released his Parts & States presentation

Karl Shifflett with details of a WPF Toolkit DatePicker Memory Leak Problem and Using WPF Binding StringFormat Property with Nullable Types

Rick Barraza writes (and subsequently revised by Adam Kinney) a tutorial with Silverlight Trigonometry – play with the demo in the middle of the article. It is stunning.

Timmy Kokke on Sending queryparameters to Silverlight

David Kelley on Scrubbing Timeline MediaElement

Derek Hatchard with an interesting sideline post on The Netbook Resolution Conundrum


Eric Havir highlights Surface in Day the Earth Stood Still and Spotted: Library with Microsoft Surface


Ivo Manolov with an Introduction to TestApi – Part1: Input Injection APIs


James Bacon with a Fix for invalid XAML error – the member is not recognized or accessible when using ControlTemplate

Dr Z on Building and Deploying WPF Applications Using the .NET Client Profile

Kurt Brockett with IdentityMine on Channel9 – XAML Guidelines, Part 1


2008 December 12 – Links for today

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The All Web Design Blog lists 30+ CSS Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Guides


James Padolsey on Extending jQuery’s selector capabilities

Jeffrey Way continues with jQuery for Absolute Beginners: Day 9


Kirk Evans on Understanding Tracking in Windows Workflow Foundation

Adrian Gondelle spotlights the Stunning 128 free icons by wefunction

Google have released a Browser Security Handbook

Patterns & Practices

Justin offers his C# Design Patterns – The Decorator Pattern

Bert Czernicki with WCF 101 – Understanding Transfer Security Visually

Michael Demopoulos on Thumbtack from Microsoft Live Labs – Collect, Organize, Share

Frank Kelly offers some advice on How to Motivate Developers – A three step framework

Dmitry offers some sage design advice with Take a Step Back to See the Big Picture

Jacob Gube presents 20 Excellent Websites for Learning Ajax


Shawn Oster on Working with Units of Measure in a NumericUpDown

Kevin Dockx with Silverlight: Scale from Sender-popup animation

David Anson with Great Silverlight charts are still just a click away [ChartBuilder sample and source code updated for Charting’s December 08 release]

Jeff Wilcox with Silverlight AutoCompleteBox: What’s new in the December release

Rick Strahl asks SilverLight ListBox Selections or what’s with SelectionChanged Events?

Jeff Handley on Custom Controls Everywhere – In XAML


Denis Gobo presents The Ten Most Asked SQL Server Questions And Their Answers


Scott Koon on Mocking IDataReader Using Rhino.Mocks 3.5


Peter van Ooijen reckons WPF = Code + Markup (Custom pushpins for DeepEarth)

Karl Shifflett announces his WPF M-V-VM Series Begins which links out to the WPF & Silverlight Line of Business UI Design Pattern Home Page

Ivan Towlson on Smart editors for the WPF Property Grid meet smart templates

2008 December 10 – Links for today

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Adam Kinney: Oh, Oxite, we love this open source .NET blog software


Stephen brings us the incredible CSS Stacked Bar Graphs

Smashing Magazine’s excellent list of 50 really useful CSS tools

Jacob Gube asks Six Questions: Eric Meyer on CSS3


Adrian Gondelle on how to Create a smooth tabbed menu in jQuery


Amirthalingam Prasanna looks at Offline data for occasionally connected applications

Kirk Evans on Understanding Persistence in Windows Workflow Foundation

Noupe presents the 50 Most Beautiful Icon Sets Created in 2008


Chris Anderson continues with Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Part 5

David Kelley gives some Architectural Best Practices for Silverlight 2.0

Rob Zelt looks at Silverlight 2 Controls – Styles and Templates

Jonas Follesø releases code and video of his Silverlight Designer and Developer Network Presentation

Ruurd Boeke announces the Silverlight controls toolkit december released – expect a slew of similar announcements, but this is the first I saw.

Jeff Wilcox announces Silverlight unit test framework – updated source and binaries now available and Announcing the availability of the Silverlight Toolkit December 2008 release and on a different note Reid Borsuk releases an MD5 implementation for Silverlight 2 in pure open source goodness

David Anson details Silverlight Charting gets a host of improvements [Silverlight Toolkit December 08 release now available!]


Rodney illustrates Keywords, Brackets, Identifiers and Ridiculous


Darren Announcing ToneGrid – Collaborative Music Creation for Microsoft Surface


Jeremy Miller on Design and Testability


Glen Stansberry lists 10 Principles of the UI Design Masters


Radu Martin looks at the WPF content model and layout

Niamtu Dragos offers a XAML ComboBox Style

The guys at WindowsClient have released the WPF Application Quality Guide

2008 December 02 – Links for today

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ranganh with an intro to Charting in ASP.NET, ASP.NET Chart Controls for .NET 3.5 SP1


Peter looks at The new features of CSS3


Jeffrey Way’s jQuery for Absolute Beginners: Day 5


Martin Hinshelwood announces the TFS Event Handler v1.1 released

Justin Etheredge is Taking the Magic out of Expression<T>

WebResourceDepot lets us know about E-Commerce Design Showcase: ecommr “presenting interface & design elements of e-commerce websites”

Jacob Gube has 40+ Useful Cheat Sheets for Designers

Ian Cooper gives us an Introduction to NHibernate, Part 1

Jonathan van de veen on Building maintainable code with Visual Studio 2008 Code Metrics

Patrick Smacchia gives us his Lessons learned from a real-world focus on performance

WebResourceDepot gives us Circular: A Set Of 100+ Icons

Jeremy Miller provides A Gentle Quickstart for StructureMap 2.5

CodeZest points us at the Signs of a GOOD Manager / Team Lead

Smashin Magazine presents 100 Free High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates

Marcelo Ruiz looks into Depth vs. width in ADO.NET Data Services $expand

Patterns & Practices

Glenn Block on Export Providers and Custom factories with MEF

Oleg Smirnov with The story about Ninja, Unity Application Block and Contextual Dependency Injection.

Brendan Enrick on Understanding the What and Why of the MVC Pattern

The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL): Resources and Training


Hannes Preishuber looks at B# and Silverlight Isolated Storage

Jesse Liberty thinks On C# and VB and SandDock for Silverlight – Commercial floating windows
and Simple Expander – Silverlight Toolkit

David Yack on Silverlight MeasureOverride Watch Your Size

Peter Bromberg on an Autocomplete TextBox Stock Symbols and Chart

Identity Mine presen an Interactive Silverlight Christmas Card

Shawn Wildermuth on Using Content in ControlTemplates

Adam Kinney with DeepEarth – Maps served using Deep Zoom in Silverlight

Page Brooks is Tweaking OnApplyTemplate Event Timing in Silverlight 2

The Microsoft Dynamics team provide a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Silverlight 2 direct calls sample

Gregg Jensen’s Flex Anchored Layout in Silverlight

cokkiy shows us how to create a Vista busy cursor like Silverlight control

Jonathan van de veen has some Random hints and tips on Silverlight as well as a look at Silverlight 2 Datagrids RowDetailsTemplate and databinding radiobuttons and Using the popup element in Silverlight\

Stefan Olson on Single Sourcing WPF and Silverlight

Mike Snow’s tips: Creating an Efficient Random Generator and Animating objects with DoubleAnimation

John Stockton publishes a nifty little Silverlight Trick: Inline Silverlight Apps

CCARPER announces Two new Silverlight MSN sites live; Crisis and Recovery – The Dow Jones Industrials and Ahead of the Curve


Brad McGhee on How to Hone Your DBA Skill Set

David Penton’s Introduction to SQL Profiler


Adam Kinney on Extending the Surface experience in the BMW app


Sacha Barber on LINQ To Entities Using WCF/WPF demo code

Shivanand Kamath with WPF – Working with XML file using Linq to XML

Stefan Olson provides A better WPF splash screen

Boris Eligulashvili on Managing Your WPF Splash Screen’s Lifecycle

Josh Smith expresses The Philosophies of MVVM

2008 November 29 – Links for today

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Drew Douglass gives us 15 CSS tricks that must be learned


Dmitry looks at a Scalable Content Box Using Only One Background Image

Karl Seguin continues his back to basics series with Delegates, Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions

John Medina announces Brain Rules in HD



Bryant Likes looks at Deep Zoom Image Generation with DeepZoomTools.DLL

WebResourceDepot guys look at Deep Zoom Images With Seadragon Ajax

Martin Mihaylov on Routed Events in Silverlight

David Solivan points us at a New Silverlight Book Written by Microsoft Techs Working on the “Front Lines”


Mr Denny continues his series with Back To Basics: Creating Indexes


Misko Hevery publishes his Guide: Writing Testable Code

2008 November 24 – Links for today

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Phil Haack on Combining JQuery Form Validation and Ajax Submission with ASP.NET


Lightpost Creative has a CSS Image Sprites Tutorial – Create Multiple Buttons With Rollovers


Scott Guthrie’s introduction to jQuery Intellisense in VS 2008


Sergio Pereira gives a great tip on getting Visual Studio to Please open my .aspx fast  – only really works if you too are a “source view kind of programmer”

Karl Seguin is going Back to basics: Generics

Sacha Barber shows us How To Create A WCF Client Proxy Without Having a Deployed WCF Service

Patterns & Practices

Xianzhong Zhu looks at Practicing the Chain of Responsibility Pattern


Nikhil Kothari on In-Place Editing for Silverlight using Styles and Templates

Kathy Kam with a really nice looking demo project: Silverlight Movies (Silverlight + Live Search) and the deck and demo for her Introduction to the Silverlight Controls Framework

Hannes Preishuber looks at Input Validation with Silverlight

David Betz on Understanding WCF Services in Silverlight 2

Ruurd Boeke on Efficiently animating items on movement and on Introducing TransitionContentControl

Suprotim Agarwal discusses Saving and Retrieving Images from IsolatedStorage

Codeplex project alert: Silverlight Validator & Input Toolkit

Jesse Liberty offers A Better Multi-Page Solution

Joseph Glasson talks about Silverlight 2 User Controls Communication


Jaime Rodriguez on Forwarding the DataGrid’s DataContext to it’s columns

Marlon Grech on ICollectionView explained

Ralph Arvesen on a Snapshot of XAML control, save to image

Paul Stovell on Validation Scopes: Draft

Martin Hinshelwood gives some Advice on using XamRibbon with Composite WPF

2008 November 19 – Links for today

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Suprotim Agarwal on Using jQuery with ASP.NET – A Beginner’s Guide


Jacob Gube with CSS Tip #1: Resetting Your Styles with CSS Reset


Glen Stansberry on Develop a Social Media Website With These 10 Code Techniques

WebResourceDepot bring us 30+ High Quality And Free Vector Object Sets To Beautify Your Designs

Smashing Magazines 15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools

Christopher Khalil muses on Web 3.0, User Experience and Intelligent User Interfaces


Brian Goldfarb highlights MSN Germany with Silverlight wins IPTV Award 2008 – coolness

The announcement of Silverlight Feeds should make my life a lot easier 🙂

Corey Schumann on Embedding and Obfuscating fonts

Bert Czernicki on Silverlight clientaccesspolicy.xml files for the Enterprise (Part 1 of 2)


Shemesh with Silverlight: GridSplitter with a collapse button

Steve at the Expression blog highlights a gorgeous 2.5D USERCONTROL FOR SILVERLIGHT 2


David Anson presents An unexceptional layout improvement [Two LayoutTransformControl fixes for Silverlight 2!]

Rudi Grobler announces the codeplex project WPF Themes Updated

Josh Smith on Emulating ICommandSource in Silverlight 2 and Putting Silverlight Commands to Use

Mike Snow’s Tip: New Silverlight 2 Web Site Clean Up Check List

Rob Zelt with Silverlight LOB Forms

Andy Beaulieu gives us a Preview of Upcoming Physics Fun

Peter McGrattan continues with Silverlight 2 WCF Polling Duplex Support – Part 4: Adding a WPF Client

Hannes Preishuber with instructions on how to show a line number within a datalist and get ID inside a Silverlight Datagrid when Button clicked


Craig Outcalt has some Tips for New DBAs

Bennie Haelen beings Investigating the new Spatial Types in SQL Server 2008 – Part 1

Ashish Mehta is Grouping Sets in SQL Server 2008


Mike Benkovich has an older post with a series of webcasts on learning to develop WPF applications

Sacha Barber on NUnit STA Threads & Testing WPF

Marlon Grech on how to Fix scrollbars for a dynamic layout in a Listview/ListBox