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2008 December 08 – Links for today

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Crikey, work has been a wee bit hectic recently with everything needing to be done before the festive season. As a result this has fallen behind a little. However the rest of the world didn’t 😐 There have been a lot of really good posts / articles over the last few days and I think I have finally managed to catch up. Phew! Anyway here goes with today’s links. Enjoy.


Andrea Colaci looks at Executing Asynchronous Tasks in ASP.NET

Phil Haack discusses some Known Installation Issues With ASP.NET MVC

Suprotim Agarwal on Creating CollapsiblePanelExtender Functionality using ASP.NET and jQuery

Steve Smith gives an SEO Tip Move Hidden ASPNET Fields To Bottom of Page

Colin Angus Mackay on Data Visualization with the Virtual Earth ASP.NET Controls

Coding Standards

Howard van Rooijen announces a New StyleCop for R# release


Jeffrey Way continues with jQuery for Absolute Beginners: Day 7


Alex Villmann with How to Setup a Dedicated Web Server for Free

Eugenio Pace on Architecting Cloud Applications for the Enterprise – Part I – Introducing the Actors

Microsoft Research “Boku” preview

Martin Hinshelwood announces TFS Event Handler v1.3 released

Smashing Magazine’s 50 Excellent Digital Photography Photoshop Tutorials and Designing The Holy Search Box: Examples And Best Practices

Patterns & Practices

David Hill on UI Composition Patterns

Rudi Grobler on MEF: Taking extensibility to the next level

Karl Seguin picks up the SOLID baton with Get SOLID: Single Responsibility Principle

Pádraic Brady on The M in MVC: Why Models are Misunderstood and Unappreciated


Nick Kramer BeginAnimation for Silverlight 2

Ronnie Saurenmann on Error Logging in Silverlight 2 with IIS and the Isolated Storage

Kirupa Chinnathambi on Using Initialization Parameters in Silverlight

Martin Grayson announces BLACKLIGHT V2.0 (DEC08) IS HERE!

Sacha Barber on How To Bind To Generic Method In XAML

Mike Snow’s Tip: Animating Objects with DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames

Jesse Liberty has published a Creating Skinnable Custom Controls – Video and a Tutorial on multi-page applications posted and The Wrap Panel

Mike Ormond on his Adventures with the Silverlight Viewbox

Pete Brown on Pie Chart Styling in the Silverlight Toolkit – Cross-Slice Gradients

Matthias Shapiro and his Final-ish Silverlight Color Picker Utility and How To Give a Silverlight 2 Gadget a Transparent Background and How To Write a Custom Event in Silverlight and Tips for Creating a Silverlight 2 Gadget for Vista and Getting a MouseLeftButtonDown or MouseLeftButtonUp Event From Your TextBox

Boyan Nikolov with a HTML header + Silverlight plug-in scenario

Tim Heuer with Event (analytics) tracking in Silverlight and announces The Silverlight Application Corner

Azret Botash looks at Silverlight on a Desktop

Bert Czernicki informs that Silverlight enabled WCF Service Template is Bad Practice

Jeremiah Morrill gives a Silverlight MVVM Example

Josh Twist looks at Making the ScrollViewerThumbnail interactive

Brad Cunningham on Think outside the TextBox

Alex Golesh gives a Silverlight Tip: How to Inject and Execute JavaScript Function(s) on-the-fly from Silverlight

C Carper on Silverlight, PlayReady and BSkyB

Jordan Knight announces SDDN Site Updated – With Video!

Harsh Bardhan on Selecting and Displaying Images and Text Files from a Client Machine using Silverlight 2

Ofir Shemesh on Silverlight: GridSplitter with a collapse button (V2)

Jacek Ciereszko on how to Improve installation experience in Silverlight 2.0

Jeff Wilcox on Creating a testable WebClient for Silverlight unit testing

Michael Wolf looks at Silverlight and Encryption

Osore Watashi on the Custom Panel in Silverlight: Advanced Canvas

Chris Idzerda on PathGeometry Figures Property XAML Attribute Syntax in Silverlight

Bill Reiss offers A simple Silverlight game particle system and An improved Silverlight Sprite class

Page Brooks on Building a Resizable Silverlight Control

Bill Reiss on Embedding a F# class library in a Silverlight 2 Application

David Justice on Azure 1/10 + Facebook Connect 1/2 + Silverlight 2/5 = Fun

Chris Szurgot on building a Silverlight Gadget  (Version of Snowflake App)


David Bird lists some Free Tools for the SQL Server DBA Part 2

Karen Delaney on Using a Nonclustered Index to Avoid a Sort


Ivo Manalov announces TestApi v.0.1 Released


2008 November 18 – Links for today

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Rick Strahl: ASP.NET Connection Session Slides and Samples Posted

Gayani Devapriya discusses Dynamic Data Templates in ASP.NET 3.5

Don Wilson on how to Build a Shopping Cart in ASP.NET

Coding Standards

K Scott Allen asserts that Single Letter Variable Names Still Considered Harmful


MS Research’s AutoCollage project allows you to create beautiful collages of your favorite pictures in a few clicks of a mouse

Lee Munroe highlights 15 Awesome T-shirt Websites For Geeks have published an updated regular expressions cheat sheet

Patterns & Practices

Udi Dahans Intentions and Interfaces presentation is now available for download

Matt Gromes with My First Agile Project Part 12: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Our Retrospectives

Jeanne Boyarsky asks why do we violate law of demeter?


Martin Mihaylov on Changing the style of the selected row of the DataGrid control

Chris Hay asks Silverlight: Are sockets only suitable in intranets?

Suprotim Agarwal on DataBinding in Silverlight – Change property of a Silverlight UI Control at runtime based on another UI Control

Daniel Vaughan looks at Synchronous Web Service Calls with Silverlight 2: Dispelling the async-only myth

Ruurd Boeke is still Transitioning the content in an expander – part Two

Mike Snow’s tip on 3D Support in Silverlight 3

Michael Sync gives us a Book Review: Silverlight 2 in Action

Jeff Blankenburg spotlights Maciej Skierkowski’s United States Map in XAML

Nigel Parker spotlights filtering Deep Zoom composer photos with a colour picker

Scott Guthrie’s Update on Silverlight 2 – and a glimpse of Silverlight 3

Jason Beres posts a Silverlight Data Visualization Video “To get a peek at some of the prototypes that are being built in the development labs with our new Silverlight Data Visualization product”

Andy Beaulieu on Using the Live Search API 2.0 with Silverlight

Jesse Liberty details a couple of Silverlight Related Skills – Post #1

Jonas Follesø on Combining different Separated Presentation Patterns


Arup Chakraborty brings Performance testing and tuning for a beginner

John Sheesley looks at Using Object Dependencies in SQL Server 2008


yugu brings us 36 Cool Custom Error 404 Pages

Janko Jovanovic asks What if your contact form fails?



Evan Lang brings us a ShaderEffect Overview

2008 November 12 – Links for today

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Mike Ormond has posted his ASP.NET Dynamic Data Demo source


John Resig looks at CSS3 Template Layout and CSS Animations and JavaScript


Should I be worried? Bruce Schneier announces WPA Cracked


Patterns & Practices

Jason Allor discusses some of the issues with Introducing StyleCop on Legacy Projects


Andrew Stopford details a new release of the StyleCop and Resharper

Jeremy Miller on the Evolution of a Developer (in regards to DI/IoC)


Dan Wahlin has an article on Dr Dobbs going through the Silverlight Toolkit
Matthew Casperson brings us a Silverlight Game Programming Tutorial – Getting Started

Azret Botash looks at Silverlight Menu Control: Customizing Appearance

Kathy Kam’s Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2 deck and demo


Scott Guthrie annouces the ASP.NET Chart Control and there are a bunch of samples available


Microsoft Surface Demo of Stimulant’s Tone Grid


Shaw Burke discusses WPF and Silverlight Toolkit Compatibility

2008 October 22 – Links for today

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Brad Abrams at AJAXWorld: Day 1- Building a great AJAX application from scratch

Maarten Balliauw’s CarTrackr – Sample ASP.NET MVC application – this is really worth looking at as it illustrates a number of different technologies

DotNetSlackers asks AJAX: JavaScript, or ASP .net AJAX or JQuery?

Bill Beckelman gives us a Client Side ASP.NET ListView Sorting via jQuery TableSorter Plugin Demo

Coding Standards

Amit shares a Terrible Code Example – Methods From Hell


AARON GUSTAFSON on Progressive Enhancement with CSS


Stephen Walther’s Essential Visual Studio Tips & Tricks that Every Developer Should Know

The Mindscape guys explain Stored procedures and LightSpeed

Craig Lindley on Building Your Own Web Server

Patterns & Practices

Torkel Ödegaard guide to View Model Inheritance in MVC

Steve Smith on insidious dependencies


Tess on Debugging Silverlight applications with windbg and sos.dll

Mike Snow’s Tip – Deploying a Silverlight Application with a Web Service

Shawn Wildermuth on Using Isolated Storage Settings in Silverlight 2 and his MSDN article on how to Create Data-Centric Web Applications With Silverlight 2

Dave Relyea illustrates Customizing a ToolTip

Chad Campbell gives us a Silverlight 2 – Templating Video

Rob Zelt’s Silverlight 2 Timeline Panel and Silverlight 2 Controls – Styles and Templates

Jordan Knight on Silverlight and Windows Live ID Video and Silverlight, WCF, Membership, Forms Authentication and Windows Live ID and again with Expand a Silverlight control

Silverlight Web Services team announce New Web Services Features in Silverlight 2 RTW

Jesse Liberty on Sizing in Silverlight – Pixels and Stars

Bart Czernicki highlights a Big Performance Boost in Silverlight 2 RTW

Brad Abrams at AJAXWorld: Day 2 – Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2


If you gotta use ‘em, do it right – SQL Server Cursor Examples


Nikolai Tillman gives us a Sneak Preview of Code Digger — The New Pex Experience as one of my work colleagues put it – “that looks bad ass”.


Smashing Magazine’s Creative User Interfaces in Modern Web Design

The upcoming Designing Gestural Interfaces book now has a publication date and chapter one is available for download

WebResourcesDept lists 16 Free Ajax Contact Forms – For A Better User Experience


Mike Taulty – really nice WPF, Experiments with the CodePlex Shader Library

2008 October 14 – Links for today

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Coding Standards

Fredrik Normén asks Is it important to write good code? With clear illustrations


jQuery plugin: UI Tabs

DotNetSlackers continue their series with JQuery, the very very basics – Lesson 5

Rick Strahl on Client Templating with jQuery


Matt Gromes continues his excellent series with My First Agile Project, Part 7: Adventures in Agile Testing

Richard Bradshaw helps us to avoid 5 terrible SEO ideas

Chris Cagle demonstrates How to Create a Mashup by Combining 3 Different APIs

autarch recommends YAGNI principles in that most of the time You don’t need to scale

Shelving and Unshelving in TFS


The huge news has to be the release of Silverlight 2. Samiq urges us to update with his list of bits. Expect lots of updates to controls / code / samples over the next couple of weeks. I will of course post any that I find.

Gerard Leblanc shows off his artistic inclinations in Menus. Part I 

Jesse Liberty continues his Databinding series with Data Binding – Data Validation

Corey Schuman Implements the Video Slider control

Shawn Wildermuth discusses ADO.NET Data Services and TimeZone issues

Nathan Brouwer details some of the changes for Silverlight 2 Final (RTW) Available

Access to the teleconference with the announcement of Silverlight 2s release

Dave Relyea breaks down the Silverlight Control Lifecycle

Mike Taulty posts a powerpoint deck on “What is Silverlight”

Ray Booysen on Unit Testing and INotifyPropertyChanged

Rob Houweling implements Clipboard support in Silverlight 2


Dr Denny (potentially) answers Why is my SELECT COUNT(*) running so slow?

Jacob Sebastian enlightens once more with Understanding SQL Server SET Options 4 – SET ARITHABORT ON | OFF


Dmitry with another great article: Experience vs. Function — a Beautiful UI is Not Always the Best UI

Smashing Magazine’s article on Pricing Tables: Examples And Best Practices Do you guys get product placement freebies / deals? 😉



Mike Taulty revisits WPF and “Binding to a Computed Value”

lneir ‘s article on Text On A Path in WPF

AndyL2’s great looking article on WPF Non-Client Area Design Techniques For Custom Window Frames

Mike Hillberg on Namespaces in Xaml

2008 August 26 – Links for today

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Another wee article on URL re-writing. Note to self. Implement this in a couple of my sites!

Coding Standards

Design Patterns

An excellent VS.Net addin which checks for duplication of code! Well worth a looksee, definately view the video first. Be warned though, some of my colleagues have had issues with the installation rofcing them to reconfigure some of their other tools settings. Mine was fine though 🙂


A really good reference on everything jQuery


Enterprise Architect – an extremely well priced modelling tool


Mike Snow has another helpful tip for detecting Alt, Shift, Control, Windows and Apple keys with Left Mouse Down
A comprehensive collection of free and open source Silverlight Controls started by Page Brooks over at SilverlightContrib
Julia Lermans Web Drawing app


ReSharper articles


Vincent Sibal has a couple of nice entries I noticed today. The first on adding a preview tooltip to the scrollviewer in a wpf datagrid and the other about using stock and template columns in the WPF DataGrid

2008 August 22 – Links for today

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Yeegads, this day has hurt my head. Much of today has been spent trying to establish how to kick off a WorkFlow event based on a database field changing without calling a webservice from SQL Server. Oh the joys.

On another note, today a colleague asked if I had had any experience with forms validation in WPF / XAML today. Up until now most of my work with this has been tinkering with no real world teeth cutting applications to work on and most of my focus is on Silverlight at the minute, going through a couple of books at the moment, and applying some of the lessons from some of the links I am posting here, which is going quite well. So anyway, I started to dig around for him to see what I could come up with. Essentially he wanted to know if there was anything similar to ASP.Net’s Page.IsValid() function in WPF and as near as I can figure, there was nothing. This seems to have changed somewhat with the introduction of IDataErrorInfo in 3.5. A most wonderful article from Karl Shifflett (his blog here) does a really good job of breaking it down. Along with some supurb articles by Josh Smith and Sacha Barber (blogs here and here respectively), and along with the following links, we should be well on our way to WPF / XAML validation enlightenment!!! (ahem).
So here goes:


The official MSDN SDK Page for Data Validation in 3.5
A Self Validating TextBox
Hows about some RegEx validation thrown in to the mix
Make way for the Validizor
The Paul Stovell article that just about everyone seems to refer back to (so why should I be any different)
More Business Object Validation bits from Karl
and Martin Bennedik’s Validation Application Block that many also refer to

And one which has noting to do with validation but some really nice graphics demos

WPF, Linq

Bindable Linq

WPF, TDD, Design Patterns

MVC for Unit Testing in WPF

ASP.Net Dynamic Data

A post 3.5 SP1 release article about Dynamic Data


Styling and functionality techniques

jQuery, ASP.Net

Effects in jQuery

jQuery & ASP.Net MVC


Microsoft’s Inductive User Interface Guidelinesdescribes a new user interface model called inductive user interface (IUI). Also called inductive navigation, the IUI model suggests how to make software applications simpler by breaking features into screens or pages that are easy to explain and understand – oldie, but worth looking at to see if it still holds up.