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2008 October 30 – Links for today

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jQuery & ASP.Net

Stephen Walther gives us access to his PDC jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX Demo Code


Free High Res Rough Textures


Jonas Follesø comes stormin in with how to Change the look of your Silverlight application using Themes, New layout controls in the Silverlight Toolkit and Improve your user experience using the AutoCompleteBox

Bill Reiss on the new Viewbox in the Silverlight Toolkit

Lee gives us a really nice and simple demo on Changing Styles using ImplicitStyleManager

Jafar Husain on Building an Observable Model in Silverlight

Chris Anderson on Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Part 2

Silverlight Bugs and Workarounds

Ruurd Boeke highlights Zooming into a chart and Autocomplete box accessing a webservice walk-through

Beatriz Stollnitz explains How can I expand items in a TreeView? – Part I

Jeff Prosise declares his Page-turn framework updated for Silverlight 2

Dave Anson delves deeper into Silverlight Charts with Click your way to great Silverlight charts [Live ChartBuilder sample and source code!]


Itzik Ben Gan discusses Normalizing HIERARCHYID Values


Html reference for the Selenium IDE Firefox plugin


Rudi Grobler goes toe to toe with Jonas with Using a DatePicker in a DataGrid and his Silverlight love for WPF where he outlines a couple of issues he had when porting themes or controls from Silverlight to WPF and a brief tutorial for the DatePicker & Calendar released for WPF

MSDN guidelines on Designing with Windows Presentation Foundation


2008 October 29 – Links for today

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It’s kinda hard to believe we are still having these discussions but evidently we still need to as Andrew Tetlaw illustrates with Is Using Lots of div Tags Really That Bad?


Dave Bush on jQuery Simple Selectors

The web dev tools guys show us Rich IntelliSense for jQuery

Muhammad Mosa presents Building jQuery and ASP.Net AJAX Enabled Controls, The jQueryCollapsiblePanelExtender Part 2 Server Control. It’s worth looking at the 2 different demo versions (before and after) at the end of the article just to be clear as to why you might want to do this.


Jim Pierson outlines 12 Steps To Faster Web Pages With Visual Round Trip Analyzer

Yura details 89 Ways for You to Become the Coolest Programmer in the World (89! :0)

J D Meier brings us the beta of the patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0


Lots of announcements this morning for the Silverlight toolkit, each with a slightly different focus. There seems to be a lot of attention around the charting controls which I am very grateful for. Thanks to all the Silverlight toolkit team for this release. A couple of my projects just got a whole lot easier. 🙂 Anyway a couple of good ones (in no particular order);

Tim Heuer, Pete Brown, Laurent Bugnion, Michael Sync (spotlight on the treeview), Dan Wahlin, Jesse Liberty,

Andy Beaulieu (also spotlights the treeview), Justin Angel produces a huge and impressive overview post, Chad Campbell posts a couple of crackers with Introducing the Chart Control and Getting Started with the Chart Control and David Anson Announcing a free, open source Charting solution for Silverlight

Demos of the toolkit available here and Charting examples

Jeff Handley has an updated HellowWorld.ViewModel post to now include code and app and he also goes on to detail Binding Converters – VisibilityConverter

The Expression Blend team illustrate SIMULATING SAMPLE DATA IN BLEND 2 SP1

Alex Knight tutorial on How to skin buttons made easy

Lee on DataGrid navigation between cells

Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs on Light Up SharePoint With Silverlight 2 Web Parts

John Papa on Cloud Gazing From Silverlight 2

Dino Esposito on Browser Interoperability In Silverlight 2

Jeff Prosise with Silverlight 2 Transforms And Clipping Regions

Mike Snow’s Tip: How to copy XAML for Silverlight from Expression Designer

David Kelley on Silverlight 2 URL Redirection

Ashish Shetty gives us his white paper on Search engine optimizations for Silverlight Applications – “make their Silverlight content discoverable on a search engine results page and to provide an acceptable experience for users who do not have Silverlight enabled”

Bert Czernicki informs as to Why you should start using a MVC pattern

Dave Burke on Passing Querystring Parameters to a Silverlight Control


Ian Stirk presents a utility for establishing What SQL Statements are executing


Now we know how to get one, we hear that Microsoft rolls out SDK for Surface interface


Matt Milner details Unit Testing Workflows And Activities


WPF Team announce the preview release of their Ribbon control and a whole host of other bits about the toolkit release.

2008 October 28 – Links for today

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ASP.Net 4.0 preview on CodePlex – includes preview versions of MVC, AJAX, Dynamic Data and more…

Omar Al Zabir gives us some pointers on How to convince developers and management to use automated unit test for AJAX websites


Matt Gromes continues his series My First Agile Project Part 9: Choosing A New Tool – VersionOne

Jose Fajardo presents Windows Azure – the OS for the cloud

Follow along at that PDC site

Chris Koenig lets us know where to Get your .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 VPC image


Mike Snow’s Tip: How to copy XAML for Silverlight from Expression Designer
Walt Ritscher releases a WPF Pixel Shader Utility with code 🙂
Dave Burke does an End of Week Recap for his Silver 2.0 Immersivity series

John Bowen makes his L.A. Code Camp October 2008 Presentation Materials available for both WPF and Silverlight
Gene announces Multitouch input for Silverlight!

Mike Taulty on Silverlight 2 and Localisation/Globalisation

Jeff Handley walks us through a HelloWorld.ViewModel example


Interested in getting one? Here’s how


Updated WPF Performance Profiling tools

2008 October 27 – Links for today

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Bogdan Pop on The return of the table based layout


Rick Strahl details Using jQuery to search Content and creating custom Selector Filters


Jeffrey Way presents his Twenty Most Earth-Shattering Tutorials on NETTUTS!

Darryl Burling with an announcement that finally Kiwi’s can Buy or renew MSDN subscriptions online

Dainis Graveris spotlights 30 Free Stock Photo Sites: Ultimate Collection


Joseph Ghassan discusses Silverlight 2.0 Layout Management

Jeff Wilcox informs us that the Silverlight unit testing templates updated

The Silverlight SDK team break down the Loaded event timing in Silverlight

Jeff Prosise’s cool silverlight trick #5 on high-performance animation loops

Dave Burke continues his Silverlight 2 Immersivity series with Datagrid to ComboBox Data Binding and Datagrid Two-Way Data Binding

Gerard Leblanc continues with Menus, part II : multi-level drop-down menu

Suprotim Agarwal on how to Display Images From Database In Silverlight 2

Mike Taulty provides slides and answers a couple of questions from his MSDN “Roadshow Rerun” in London

Adam Calderon makes his Building RIA Applications for Web 3.0 Sample available


MSDN’s Introduction to New T-SQL Programmability Features in SQL Server 2008

Ivan Porto Carrero is trying to stop Beating a dead horse: Stored Procedures


Sacha Barber on Lookless Controls / Themes

Imran Shaik brings us another great tutorial with animating custom controls for themes using opacity masks

Matthias Shapiro on Swapping Content In the Code Behind in Silverlight

Rob Eisenberg on how to Unit Test WPF Data Bindings with Caliburn

2008 October 24 – Links for today

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Suprotim Agarwal examines GridView Paging using ASP.NET AJAX Slider Extender

Scott Hanselman looks at ASP.NET MVC and the new IIS7 Rewrite Module

Naz_ST breaks down Architecting .NET Web Applications for Scale & Performance (A Practical Guide)

Jason Young lists some ASP.NET MVC Pro’s and Con’s – read the comments too. They are a cracking read.


Dave Ward with 7 of my favorite jQuery plugins for use with ASP.NET and Using jQuery to display a modal UpdatePanel confirmation

James Lao on Visualizing Data with Flot

jQuery Lightbox style plugin Galleria

Adrian Mato Gondelle shows how to Create a professional interface for your web applications using jQuery

Maurice de Beijer helps us get  jQuery Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008


Jesse Liberty comments on So Much Technology – So Little Time

Astoria team give us a preview of Astoria futures: offline-enabled data services


Bart Czernicki gives a comparison between Silverlight & ASP.NET MVC vs Web Forms (Very High Level)

Jeff Prosise continues his tips with Writing Multithreaded apps in the browser with Silverlight

Peter McGrattan on Configuring Silverlight 2 Polling Duplex Endpoints in .config file only

Laurent Bugnion has released the Silverlight 2 Unleashed Online Content

Nathan Moody’s (slightly older) Silverlight data visualisation example

Mekki Ahmedi presents a Solution for Silverlight Versioning Conflicts

Peter Himschoot Lovely little gotcha –  Don’t use Name as a Property for your own classes in Silverlight and details usage of the MessageBox in Silverlight

Karl Shifflett on WPF & Silverlight LOB Form Layout – Searching for a Better Solution

Dan Wahlin discusses Adding Style to Silverlight 2 Controls

Rockford Lhotka’s article on Using CSLA .NET for Silverlight to Build Line-of-Business Applications


Tim Chapman advises on getting Audit data using SQL Server 2005’s COLUMNS_UPDATED function

Armando Prato looks at which to use for Auto generated SQL Server keys – uniqueidentifier or IDENTITY


Eric Havir posts some Demos with Loose Cannon Studios


More ways to front end test with outputs to Selenium and Watir 


Mike Taulty on WPF and Lenovo

2008 October 23 – Links for today

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Adam Calderon cross technology example in Building RIA Applications for Web 3.0 Sample


Jacob Gube highlights some pretty Innovative (and Experimental) CSS Examples and Techniques

Patterns & Practices

James Kovacs’ Principles, Patterns, and Prism Presentation

Jeff Handley examines the ViewModel Pattern


Imran Shaik has a couple of great XAML articles; MORE XAML GRADIENTS and WORKING WITH OPACITY MASKS 

Joseph Ghassan begins his series Introduction to Silverlight 2.0

Jeff Prosise continues with COOL SILVERLIGHT TRICK #3 “the factoring of applications”

Jesse Liberty with It Ain’t You, Babe… A Not-a-bug bug in DataGrid

Tim Heuer details the Silverlight 2 Watermarked TextBox Control

Manish Dalal follows up hi previous article with Cascading combobox

Mike Snow’s tip: Adding a Mouse Wheel Event Listener to your Controls

TheWindows Presentation Foundation SDK guys announce that Composite WPF and Silverlight V2 is posted

Ivan Dragoev asks Silverlight – ready for business applications?

Brad Cunningham does some more work on Photo Stackr (Silverlight goodness)

Jaime Rodriguez illuminates on Working with collections in Deep Zoom


Dave Bush on SQL CURSOR Performance – SQL For Programmers

Ashish Kumar Mehta introduces Filtered Indexes in 2008


The MS Surface guys Intro to SurfaceWare

Max Zuckerman asks Could this be the future of Microsoft Surface and learning? and Flexible displays are just around the corner… what will we do with them?


Donovan Brown’s Neptune (personal SMTP testing server)

Nikolai Tillmann announces Pex 0.8 Released, featuring Code Digger and Stubs


Rudi Grobler cracking article on Creating a Outlook Calendar using WPF (Part 1)

Adam Kinney with a lovely demonstration of Rounded Windows and Blur Sample Code

Greg Schecter details the Effect Library posted

Bechir Bejaoui on Working with WPF ViewBox Control

2008 October 22 – Links for today

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Brad Abrams at AJAXWorld: Day 1- Building a great AJAX application from scratch

Maarten Balliauw’s CarTrackr – Sample ASP.NET MVC application – this is really worth looking at as it illustrates a number of different technologies

DotNetSlackers asks AJAX: JavaScript, or ASP .net AJAX or JQuery?

Bill Beckelman gives us a Client Side ASP.NET ListView Sorting via jQuery TableSorter Plugin Demo

Coding Standards

Amit shares a Terrible Code Example – Methods From Hell


AARON GUSTAFSON on Progressive Enhancement with CSS


Stephen Walther’s Essential Visual Studio Tips & Tricks that Every Developer Should Know

The Mindscape guys explain Stored procedures and LightSpeed

Craig Lindley on Building Your Own Web Server

Patterns & Practices

Torkel Ödegaard guide to View Model Inheritance in MVC

Steve Smith on insidious dependencies


Tess on Debugging Silverlight applications with windbg and sos.dll

Mike Snow’s Tip – Deploying a Silverlight Application with a Web Service

Shawn Wildermuth on Using Isolated Storage Settings in Silverlight 2 and his MSDN article on how to Create Data-Centric Web Applications With Silverlight 2

Dave Relyea illustrates Customizing a ToolTip

Chad Campbell gives us a Silverlight 2 – Templating Video

Rob Zelt’s Silverlight 2 Timeline Panel and Silverlight 2 Controls – Styles and Templates

Jordan Knight on Silverlight and Windows Live ID Video and Silverlight, WCF, Membership, Forms Authentication and Windows Live ID and again with Expand a Silverlight control

Silverlight Web Services team announce New Web Services Features in Silverlight 2 RTW

Jesse Liberty on Sizing in Silverlight – Pixels and Stars

Bart Czernicki highlights a Big Performance Boost in Silverlight 2 RTW

Brad Abrams at AJAXWorld: Day 2 – Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2


If you gotta use ‘em, do it right – SQL Server Cursor Examples


Nikolai Tillman gives us a Sneak Preview of Code Digger — The New Pex Experience as one of my work colleagues put it – “that looks bad ass”.


Smashing Magazine’s Creative User Interfaces in Modern Web Design

The upcoming Designing Gestural Interfaces book now has a publication date and chapter one is available for download

WebResourcesDept lists 16 Free Ajax Contact Forms – For A Better User Experience


Mike Taulty – really nice WPF, Experiments with the CodePlex Shader Library