2008 August 21 – Links for today


Article title says it all for this one – Easily build powerful client side ajax paging using jQuery

Coding Standards, Design Patterns

FXCop 1.36 released


Tony White puts out his 7 Principals of clean and optimised CSS code


Microsoft have released their “Writing Secure Code” book as a free e-book for a limited time (until August 28, 2008) at their e-learning site. You need to have a Windows Live ID and enter the code 7234-N4E8-4995 when prompted.


Mike Snow once more with Sprite Animation. Note to self, could well be useful as a reference for a glowing stars effect.


Rudi Grobler exposes his slides and demos from his Tech Ed Building Data Driven Applications using Windows Presentation Foundation and Five Cool Things to Know and Use for Smart Client Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 presentations
Text clarity in WPF

explain the current issues with small text rendering, give insight as to how WPF text rendering works and provide some basic workarounds to optimize small text rendering quality in currently released WPF versions


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