2008 September 17 – Links for today


Satheesh Babu gives us some Tips and Tricks – ASP.Net AJAX Applications



I love this one – great idea from Janko Jovanovic for making great looking comment / submission forms with CSS, oh and don’t forget to check out his Amazing web design articles of Summer 2008


J Eggers continues his Starting jQuery series with Dynamically Applying Rules


OK, this one could be in WPF too, but hey it still makes for a great article wherever it is. Jonas Follesoe is back and Porting the Silverlight Dive Log application to WPF
Dan Wahlin gives us a good rundown of his latest Silverlight articles
Jeff Wilcox lets us know about the Silverlight unit test framework now on MSDN Code Gallery
Martin Mihaylov breaks down the Silverlight DataGrid even further with The DataGrid Column types
Wow, hardcore silverlight trigonometry (at least it is to me) over at Project Rosetta
Joel Neubeck discusses the Transformation Matrix in Silverlight 2
Gerard Leblanc gives us a lovely example of Simultaneous and dynamic animations
Sandy Place shows us a dynamic WCF Client Proxy in Silverlight
Mike Snow with Using Bookmarks in your Silverlight Application


Karl Shifflett has released XAML Power Toys v2
Vincent Sibal brings us more WPF DataGrid goodies with Styling rows and columns based on Header conditions and other properties
Greg Schecter gives a great intro to Multi-Input Shader Effects
Andrew Smith on Hit Testing in WPF


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