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2008 September 30 – Links for today

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Patterns & Practices

Brad Abrams has written a really good Simple Introduction to Extensible Applications with the Managed Extensions Framework – well worth checking out.


Mike Snow has been really busy once more with multiple posts since the release of RC0, including How to Implement a Password Box, How to Implement a Combobox, How to Implement a Progress Bar and Main Game Loop Revisited!

Pete Brown also goes with multiple posts with Silverlight 2 Per-Frame Rendering Callback – CompositionTarget.Rendering Event and Building Facebook Applications with Silverlight 2

Jesse Liberty points out that Isolated Storage – Might Be Easier Than You Think

Manish Dalal helps out with usage of ComboBox in DataGrid

Matt Serbinski on Silverlight and Drupal: Syndication

Chris Anderson on Building a Framework for Silverlight Line-Of-Business Applications

Karl Shifflett brings us another update on XAML Power Toys 3.0.0 Released – Code Name: Refactored

Delay goes over Maintaining pretenses with the layout system [LayoutTransform functionality updated for Silverlight 2!]

The Expression Blend Team gives us an update with Silverlight 2 RC compatible Deep Zoom project templates

Matthias Shapiro follows up on yesterday with Color Picker In Action (In The Silverlight Particle Project)

Adam Kinney lets us know about 3D Views for WPF from Xceed

Oh and there is a new MS Arts and technology site to inspire next web based projects.


Nidal Arabi on SQL Server Analysis Services – Dimensional Modeling Concepts

Joe Webb goes over Using Covering Indexes to Improve Query Performance

Jacob Sebastian brings us TSQL Lab 15 – Another PIVOT Query Example


Littletutorials request you use Thought Driven Developmentdon’t pass the responsibility of thinking to the process. It will not do it for youlove the trucks and bridge bits and would definitely consider certifying as an abile consultant 🙂


Jared Spool on Asking Participants to “Pretend” in User Studies and a great data visualization from


Finally for today Rajesh Pillai shows us his Simple WPF Bar Chart Control


2008 September 29 – Links for today

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DotNetCurry on Using the ASP.NET Repeater Control to Group Data and Add Totals

Lalith B provides a Simple Ajax, ASP.NET and C# implementation for a page wait or process screen

Leo Stableford presents an article on REST Web Services in ASP.Net 2.0


Huge news from ScottGu and Scott Hanselman onMS teaming up jQuery with ASP.Net AJAX. You guys ROCK! – Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio going forward

Best brush up then 🙂

DotNetSlackers continue their series on JQuery, the very very basics – Lesson 3

And Rick Strahl joins the fray with An introduction to jQuery Part 1: The Client Side

Patterns & Practices

Glenn Block answers What is the Managed Extensibility Framework?


Bart Czernicki gives us a breakdown of Silverlight 2 RC0 – Important & Less Obvious things developers need to know

Matthias Shapiro goes all out with a Silverlight Color Picker, Using a Color Picker Silverlight Control and also Styling a Silverlight ScrollViewer (to Look Like a Mac ScrollViewer)

Jeff Handley points out a Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha – ContentPresenter

Gerard Leblanc presents some Rotating images

Jesse Liberty also presents on RC0 & ContentPresenter

Ed Silverton presents a Silverlight 3D Flickr Photo Explorer

And finally, Shawn Burke on his Updated ExpandoHeaderControl for RC0


Technet article on Cryptography in SQL Server

Brian Walker warns about SQL Server database design disasters: What not to do

And Jacob Sebastian gives some advice on Be careful when renaming SPs/Views/Functions/Triggers


Dennis “D.C.” Dietrich expounds on A poor man’s approach to testing with databases

Karl Seguin defines Simplicity is key to successful unit testing


Amit revisits WPF Binding Converter Best Practices Continued

Greg Schechter has a More Useful Multi-Input Effect

The guys at WindowsClient.Net give us the WPF Application Quality Guide

Tamir Khason lets us know that the new version of the WPF performance profiling tool is available for download

Jeff Handley again with Binding to Nullable Values in XAML

Sasha Barber unravels A Few WPF Mysteries and How to create Styles in code/and magical Content

Matthias Shapiro brings us a gorgeous Zooming Button Style In Silverlight Without Code

While John Bowen discusses Sharing Assemblies Between Silverlight and WPF

Ken Johnson presents PolyStar – WPF Polygons and Stars

And finally jgoldb talks about Event Tracing in WPF

2008 September 26 – Links for today

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Stephane Caron presents prettyPhoto: a jQuery lightbox clone

Gath Adams informs about Integrating JQuery with – A Cool Client-side Alert Box

Steve Michelotti presents his solution on how to Use jQuery with ASP.NET with jQuery.noConflict()



Christopher Bennage shares his pain with Shared Hosting & The Bleeding Edge

While Brendan Tompkins finds the love with Umbraco or : How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Building Web Sites

and Derek Hatchard got me a hug from the missus after she laughed out loud after watching Hug a developer – we’re in pain

Patterns & Practices

Steve Smith presents a guide to the strategy pattern with ninject

Jared Richardson presents on Broken Windows and Dirty Parking Lots


The big news of the day has to be from the GuMeister himself – Silverlight 2 Release Candidate Now Available with plenty on his post and more at Mike Snows post

Mike also posts, as if that weren’t enough for one day, on Font Support in Silverlight

Jordan on Create a Snapshot of your data in Silverlight

Alexey Zakharov delves into Virtual earth deep zooming

Tim Heuer on IsolatedStorage as a Silverlight object cache


The Surface guys report on Microsoft Surface and Seadragon


John Resig with Advanced Javascript and Processing.js

Jared Spool enlightens us with Why Understanding Business Models is Important to Interaction Designers


Vincent Sibal presents Pasting content to new rows on the WPF DataGrid

Ruben Steins with his take on Custom Markup Extensions in WPF

Matthias Shapiro on Making An Event Trigger Act Like a Property Trigger
Karl Shifflett reports on his My First Month at Microsoft – XAML Power Toys Update

2008 September 25 – Links for today

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Rick Strahl gives us his take on Browser Rendering Differences and Browser Resets


J Eggers brings his experiences in Migrating to jQuery


Deepa Gheewala on The FILESTREAM Data Type in SQL Server 2008

Anith Sen on Faking Arrays in Transact SQL


Mike Snow gives us another in his tips series: Text Formatting with the TextBlock control

Lee on Adding mouse wheel support to ScrollViewer and Getting the control inside a DataTemplate

Dan Wahlin on Animating Clipping Paths in Silverlight 2

Manish Dalal looks at Pre submit validation! Instead of waiting for user to complete the data entry and then validating, we can trap user keystrokes as data is being entered and prevent invalid keys.

Emil Stoychev announces the LinkLabel control is now live on CodePlex!


Dan Saffer anticipates The Death of the Mouse


Marlon Grech spotlights the release of 2 new apps he has worked on with Uniblue extolling the virtues of the .Net Client Profile

2008 September 24 – Links for today

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Ashish brings us news of a great ViewState Decoder Add-On for Firefox


The UI Guy brings his The UI guy – Select Box Factory 2.0 for jQuery to the table. The demos highlight some fantastic functionality

Cedric Dugas shows us his Hover image link fader


Shahar Y asks EventArgs.Empty – Do You Use It?


Peter Norvig shows that maybe you should take the longer term view with Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

Patterns & Practices

Phil Haack explains how The Design Is Never Right The First Time

Dino Esposito breaks down ASP.NET and Design Patterns


Koen Zwikstra – lets us know about Silverlight Spy gets an update

Anthony Lombardo breaks down Building Line of Business Apps in Silverlight 2

esse Liberty shows two ways to change the appearance of a control: with “in-line” attributes and XAML styles. He also shows how to create styles in Expression Blend–and shows the XAML Expression Blend generates automatically–and how to drag-and-drop styles onto controls. Also Styling and skinning objects and how to add state management to template controls using the Visual State Manager

Michiel Post presents his Free Silverlight Multi File Uploader


Jared Spool highlights What Goes into a Well-Done Critque?


Beatriz Costa on How can I debug WPF bindings?

Doug at Worksight opens our eyes to the Closable TabItem

Pavan Podila on apply a striped background to any of your elements

2008 September 23 – Links for today

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Gah, take a couple of days break and everyone releases everything at once. There’s just no stopping this here interweb thingy is there?


David Hill discusses the first drop of Prism 2.0

Matt Berseth details New Dynamic Data demos

Patterns & Practices

Steven Smith looks at Avoiding Dependencies


Mike Snow gives a couple more great tips Silverlight-enabled WCF Services versus ASMX Web Services and making it snow in Silverlight

Jesse Liberty kicks things off again with A common start application for creating custom controls

Martin Mihaylov brings more on Editing information in the Datagrid

Bill Reiss outlines some Pretty darned cool text tricks and Troubleshooting Data Access AND Calling WCF on the local server from Silverlight… phew

Gerard Leblanc shows us Visual effects while displaying an image (part II)

Lee gives us A select all checkbox in the datagrid and with scrollbars

The Synergist guys have updated their superb watch demo

Andy Beaulieu presents his slides on a practical use of physics in a Silverlight app

Mike Taulty discusses Sharing library projects in Silverlight and WPF and then brings more on Drawing Outside the Control Region


The guys over at SqlServerCentral present an outline of what to do in Organisations with no DBA


Joe Stagner presents a whole gamut of links on REST in WCF


Vincent Sibal presents a WPF datagrid clipboard paste example

Adam Kinney gives a rundown of his findings Learning WPF Effects

Pavan Podila brings more on Visual Enhancements to the Virtualized CoverFlow

Sasha Barber branches out into A Tree’y Spidery Type WPF Diagram Control (sorry, couldn’t resist) and talks us through Binding And Using Localized Enums In WPF

2008 September 18 – Links for today

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Shivprasad Koirala brings us his Ajax quick start FAQ

Patterns & Practices

Alan Holubs Everything you know is wrong slides. Worth reviewing 🙂
Spiderman_Anhvu shows us an easy example for implementing the Observer Pattern


I love jQuery, and the things it enables you to do. As we come closer to managed javascript and JIT script and a whole bunch of other javascript engine enhancements I really do start to wonder where the best RIA development environment and accessibility is going to come from. This little plugin which draws the users attention to a particular area of the page is a great wee example of this without the need for browser plugins. Nice one James.


Jackie Goldstein reports on a Great Tool for Learning LINQ to Entities
CodeGuru have a nice ADO.NET Entity Framework Tutorial and Basics


Jonas Folles (sorry for the prior misspelling Jonas) reports that Google Chrome now plays nicely with Silverlight 2 (except for when in windowless mode apparently, but definately a step in the right direction). Personal update on this one: Both Googles and Jon Galloways instructions on this (both linked to in Jonas’ article are really easy to follow. I have just done the update and all is sweet 🙂 Even the easter egg in the hard rock cafe deep zoom app works great 🙂 (Press V when the deep zoom has focus then use your mouse wheel to scroll out). /me now sets google chrome as default browser – its just so fast 🙂 – don’t worry firefox you are still my dev browser of choice
Manish Dalal brings us the next part of his Silverlight Business Application Part 6: IEditableObject and add new time (Take 3!)
Dr Z gives us more links to a whole bunch of Silverlight event recorded sessions. You will want to at least see what gems are on offer here.
Jesse Liberty brings more Silverlight godness with Dependency Properties ? Background for Custom Controls
Mike Snow’s Tip of the Day: How to create a web service for your Silverlight app. Thanks Mike, love the series, keep em coming 🙂
Jeff Paries brings more animation goodies to the table from his forthcoming book
Martin Grayson introduces Blacklight – his new Silverlight codeplex project
Shawn Burke outlines some of the upcoming Silverlight controls


Jonathan de Halleux outlines combining traditionand TDD and automated test generation


Jeremiah Morrill reports that his WPF MediaKit is now available on CodePlex here