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2008 December 17 – Links for today

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Scott Hanselman posts a well articulated response to some of the community goings on in ASP.NET MVC Samples, Oxite, and Community


Dmitry Fadeyev on the Pressed Button State With CSS

Joren Rapin offers CSS Navigation Rollovers With Drop-downs

Sylvain Galineau  presents The CSS Corner: Alternate Style Sheets


Jon Hobbs-Smith offers Improve your jQuery – 25 excellent tips

NetTuts spotlight the rather nifty jQuery Cheat Sheet


The Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling Tool v3

Roger Johansson on how to Find inline CSS and JavaScript with Inline Code Finder

Shawn Wildermuth on ADO.NET Data Services for Multiple Databases?

Dirk Metzmacher presents 60 Beautiful Christmas Photoshop Tutorials 

Scott Koon highlights Wubi – Ubuntu Installer for Windows


Katrien De Graeve announces Unity for Silverlight by P&P group has been released

Jonathan van de Veen with his Adventures while building a Silverlight Enterprise application part #1

Page Brooks announces Silverlight Contrib 2008.0.0 – Alpha 3 Available!

Boyan Mihylov with Silverlight SEO

The Swiss MSDN team have release their thoughts on WPF vs. Silverlight for Intranet Line of Business apps

Koen Zwijstra released his Parts & States presentation

Karl Shifflett with details of a WPF Toolkit DatePicker Memory Leak Problem and Using WPF Binding StringFormat Property with Nullable Types

Rick Barraza writes (and subsequently revised by Adam Kinney) a tutorial with Silverlight Trigonometry – play with the demo in the middle of the article. It is stunning.

Timmy Kokke on Sending queryparameters to Silverlight

David Kelley on Scrubbing Timeline MediaElement

Derek Hatchard with an interesting sideline post on The Netbook Resolution Conundrum


Eric Havir highlights Surface in Day the Earth Stood Still and Spotted: Library with Microsoft Surface


Ivo Manolov with an Introduction to TestApi – Part1: Input Injection APIs


James Bacon with a Fix for invalid XAML error – the member is not recognized or accessible when using ControlTemplate

Dr Z on Building and Deploying WPF Applications Using the .NET Client Profile

Kurt Brockett with IdentityMine on Channel9 – XAML Guidelines, Part 1


2008 December 16 – Links for today

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Nick Berardi is Introducing the ASP.NET MVC (Part 1) – The Model-View-Controller Pattern

Scott Koon outlines some of the issues with Oxite in NEW ASP.NET MVC SAMPLE – OXITE – NEEDS SOME TLC

Karl Seguin lends his voice to those not most impressed by Oxite in Oxite – Oh Dear Lord Why?!


Jeffrey Way continues with jQuery for Absolute Beginners: Day 10

Brian Reindel on how to Create an Amazon Books Widget with jQuery and XML  thought this one might be good for a Silverlight widget too 🙂


Smashing Magazine with some stunning Light Blurs Brushes and Decoration Pack For Photoshop

Gotta love this one – Css Juice’s 13 Online Generators for Web 2.0 Design

W3C Web Standard Defines Accessibility for Next Generation Web

Jeff Attwood’s My Scaling Hero

Rick Strahl on Removing the .SVC Extension from WCF REST URLs

Glen Stansberry lists 10 Steps to Learn a New Coding Language Fast

Patterns & Practices

Davy Brion on The Importance Of Releasing Your Components Through Windsor

Rob Reynolds with The Real Reason to Use IoC/DI (Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection) and a Container Like Windsor

Microsoft’s Code Analysis Tool .NET (CAT.NET) v1 CTP – 32 bit – “a binary code analysis tool that helps identify common variants of certain prevailing vulnerabilities that can give rise to common attack vectors such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection and XPath Injection”


Mike Demopoulos spotlight’s Mark Dawson’s work with Silverlight Photosynth Viewer

Tim Anderson’s First steps with offline Silverlight and Live Framework

Bryant Likes on Silverlight Dependency Properties


Jeff Wilcox on AutoCompleteBox without cycling navigation and Adding page up and down support to AutoCompleteBox

Dave Anson on Expanded access to Silverlight 2’s generic.xaml resources [SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser updated for better compatibility!]

Michael Washington with a great wee Silverlight Dashboard implementation

Robby Ingebretsen on Free Typefaces for Your WPF of Silverlight Project

Michael Wolf on a Silverlight ConfigurationManager

Andy Beaulieu announces the release of the Physics Helper Beta 3


Eric Havir on Hotel 1000 and Microsoft Surface


Jakob Nielson on Interaction Elasticity

Dmitry Fadeyev lists 10 Useful Techniques To Improve Your User Interface Designs

2008 December 10 – Links for today

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Adam Kinney: Oh, Oxite, we love this open source .NET blog software


Stephen brings us the incredible CSS Stacked Bar Graphs

Smashing Magazine’s excellent list of 50 really useful CSS tools

Jacob Gube asks Six Questions: Eric Meyer on CSS3


Adrian Gondelle on how to Create a smooth tabbed menu in jQuery


Amirthalingam Prasanna looks at Offline data for occasionally connected applications

Kirk Evans on Understanding Persistence in Windows Workflow Foundation

Noupe presents the 50 Most Beautiful Icon Sets Created in 2008


Chris Anderson continues with Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Part 5

David Kelley gives some Architectural Best Practices for Silverlight 2.0

Rob Zelt looks at Silverlight 2 Controls – Styles and Templates

Jonas Follesø releases code and video of his Silverlight Designer and Developer Network Presentation

Ruurd Boeke announces the Silverlight controls toolkit december released – expect a slew of similar announcements, but this is the first I saw.

Jeff Wilcox announces Silverlight unit test framework – updated source and binaries now available and Announcing the availability of the Silverlight Toolkit December 2008 release and on a different note Reid Borsuk releases an MD5 implementation for Silverlight 2 in pure open source goodness

David Anson details Silverlight Charting gets a host of improvements [Silverlight Toolkit December 08 release now available!]


Rodney illustrates Keywords, Brackets, Identifiers and Ridiculous


Darren Announcing ToneGrid – Collaborative Music Creation for Microsoft Surface


Jeremy Miller on Design and Testability


Glen Stansberry lists 10 Principles of the UI Design Masters


Radu Martin looks at the WPF content model and layout

Niamtu Dragos offers a XAML ComboBox Style

The guys at WindowsClient have released the WPF Application Quality Guide

2008 November 17 – Links for today

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Suprotim Agarwal with ASP.NET AJAX CollapsiblePanelExtender – Tips and Tricks

Vinod Unny helps with installing Charting in ASP.NET 3.5

Patterns & Practices

Vorleak Chy outlines the Strategy Design Pattern

Scott Mitchell gives us The Eight Commandments of Source Code Control


Boyan Nikolov with a Calculator for Silverlight

Scott Guthrie on Styling a Silverlight Twitter Application with Expression Blend 2

Ning Zhang details the NumericUpDown Control in Silverlight Toolkit and DependencyProperty: Validation, Coercion & Change Handling (Part III: Dependency Property Code Snippet)

Suprotim Agarwal DataBinding in Silverlight – Change property of a Silverlight UI Control at runtime based on another UI Control

Jeff Handley on Silverlight Airlines with a ViewModel

Mike Snow’s tip: Data Collection Support in Silverlight

Jeff Wilcox spotlights the tollkit team blog and introduces the members in Toolkit posts: “Silverlight in Style,” dependency properties in WPF and Silverlight, and TreeView expansion

Jeff Blankenburg on Embedding Fonts In Silverlight 2, Calling Javascript From Silverlight 2, Creating A Simple Silverlight Animation and from waaaay back – Creating a WCF Service For Silverlight 2 and SQL

Jeff Paries on Sending email from Silverlight

Silverlight show guys present How to create your own Visual WebGui Silverlight theme

Michael Schwarz shows how to Encrypt your AJAX traffic using Microsoft Silverlight and Ajax.NET Professional

Mark Johnston found a Design Experience video – Tricky Business session from Silverlight usergroup in UK

Ivan Dragoev answers What is control styling?


Faisal spotlights SurfaceDJ from Vectorform

Adam Kinney announces Vectorform wins PhizzPop New York with Study Right


LearnWPF guys detail the XAML Compiler has issues with linked xaml files

Josh Smith recommends Using a ViewModel to Provide Meaningful Validation Error Messages

Rawwool Experiments with WPF animation to recreate some of Microsoft Health Common User Interface magic! 

Azam Sharp presents An article that gives an introduction to WPF templates

Mitsu’s WPF and Silverlight BookControls

Jeremiah Morrill announces a Small feature added to the WPF MediaKit

2008 October 23 – Links for today

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Adam Calderon cross technology example in Building RIA Applications for Web 3.0 Sample


Jacob Gube highlights some pretty Innovative (and Experimental) CSS Examples and Techniques

Patterns & Practices

James Kovacs’ Principles, Patterns, and Prism Presentation

Jeff Handley examines the ViewModel Pattern


Imran Shaik has a couple of great XAML articles; MORE XAML GRADIENTS and WORKING WITH OPACITY MASKS 

Joseph Ghassan begins his series Introduction to Silverlight 2.0

Jeff Prosise continues with COOL SILVERLIGHT TRICK #3 “the factoring of applications”

Jesse Liberty with It Ain’t You, Babe… A Not-a-bug bug in DataGrid

Tim Heuer details the Silverlight 2 Watermarked TextBox Control

Manish Dalal follows up hi previous article with Cascading combobox

Mike Snow’s tip: Adding a Mouse Wheel Event Listener to your Controls

TheWindows Presentation Foundation SDK guys announce that Composite WPF and Silverlight V2 is posted

Ivan Dragoev asks Silverlight – ready for business applications?

Brad Cunningham does some more work on Photo Stackr (Silverlight goodness)

Jaime Rodriguez illuminates on Working with collections in Deep Zoom


Dave Bush on SQL CURSOR Performance – SQL For Programmers

Ashish Kumar Mehta introduces Filtered Indexes in 2008


The MS Surface guys Intro to SurfaceWare

Max Zuckerman asks Could this be the future of Microsoft Surface and learning? and Flexible displays are just around the corner… what will we do with them?


Donovan Brown’s Neptune (personal SMTP testing server)

Nikolai Tillmann announces Pex 0.8 Released, featuring Code Digger and Stubs


Rudi Grobler cracking article on Creating a Outlook Calendar using WPF (Part 1)

Adam Kinney with a lovely demonstration of Rounded Windows and Blur Sample Code

Greg Schecter details the Effect Library posted

Bechir Bejaoui on Working with WPF ViewBox Control

2008 August 20 – Links for today

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Ok, so after speaking with the missus, she thinks I should provide more than just links so that anyone who does stumble upon these will get some commentary as well. So… from this point forwards, and yes I do realise this is only day 2, I will include a least a basic breakdown of what the link is for and when I have investigated further, time and inclination allowing, I may even update it with a mini review although I hope most of the articles / pages that I link to should kind of speak for themselves


Dan Wahlin updates his SL articles – REALLY worth a looksee
A flyout stackpanel menu control
Vector based particle generator engine
An awesome tutorial on Messagebox functionality in SL2
Creating a Silverlight 2 Client Access Policy Socket Server Silverlight 2 provides built-in support for sockets which allows servers to push data to Silverlight clients :0 I knew this not! I wish to know more
Pushing Data to a Silverlight Client with a WCF Duplex Service – Part I – Erm guess this one continues on from pushing data to SL Client from server.
Pushing Data to a Silverlight Client with a WCF Duplex Service ? Part II – continues on from Part 1 above.
Mike Snow does it again with a stunning demo on creating a transparent draggable dialog with rounded corners. P.S This is a gorgeous effect and may well be kinda useful in line with the Messagebox functionality above.

Crikey, there is just soooo much Silverlight goodiness out there when you start digging.
windows Journal / scribble app in Silverlight
Slide show / gallery and yeah, I know it’s old, but it’s still pretty cool and with easy to follow instructions on how to set it all up


StyleCop updated for all those with code style and self documenting code fetishes disorders standards


The Natual UI guys are doing some incredible stuff with multi touch Natural Interfaces, and at their community site
Stepping beyond the GUI with Windows surface / NUI tools
More examples of Surface type technology
Google’s Summer of code NUI projects
And more on gestural interfaces


Christopher Bennage adds Part 3 of his “Building a WPF Application” series