2008 December 09 – Links for today


Justin continues looking at Working With ASP.Net MVC Part 2 – The Model And The Repository Pattern


Jeffrey Way continues with jQuery for Absolute Beginners: Day 8


An absolute cracker from Jeffrey Zeldman on 20 signs you don’t want that web design project

Matt Gromes continues with My First Agile Project Part 14: Did We Need A Coach? Does Anyone?

Chris Heilmann on Liberated Accessibility at A-Tag in Vienna

Joe Stagner recommends we Download Oxite – the Code we use to run the MIX Web site

Patterns & Practices

Patrick Smacchia Advices on partitioning code through .NET assemblies

Rudi Grobler on how to make a existing application extendible using MEF


Jesse Liberty discusses A complex home for very some simple Toollkit examples

Robby Ingebretsen on Running Custom Code / Firing Custom Events from Within Storyboards

Mark Monster on Combining Silverlight and Google Chart API and Getting the NTLM Username into your Silverlight application

Nigel Sampson on Beginning a Silverlight Animation framework

Miguel de Icaza looks at some incredible bits when Moonlight goes 3D

David Kelley releases his DevTeach Conference Content – Best Practices, Hacking Silverlight, Controls


Evan Lang gives a D3DImage Overview

Lester follows up on Ivo’s announcement yesterday about the launch of a WPF Test Helper Library


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