2008 November 27 – Links for today


Suprotim Agarwal on how to Access an AJAX Enabled WCF Service using ASP.NET and Client Script

Dan Wahlin with Getting Started with the ASP.NET 3.5 Chart Control

Scott Hanselman with Geolocation/Geotargeting (Reverse IP Address Lookup) in ASP.NET MVC made easy


Jeffrey Way with jQuery for Absolute Beginners: Day 4


Noupe is Pushing Photoshop to the Limit: 13 Most Advanced tutorials

Rob Ballou delves into Section 508: Uncle Sam’s Guide To Web Accessibility

Tracey Gradey suggests some Steps to choosing a successful colour scheme

Rick Strahl on WCF REST Services and AJAX Callbacks

Patterns & Practices

Justin Etheridge is Addicted To MEF – Part 1


Jafar Husain on Protected Dependency Properties Are Not Really

Tim Heuer highlights some New Silverlight Showcases and Feeds

Tim Greenfield on a Silverlight GroupBox control

Jonas Follesø asks Is Silverlight 2 Ready for Business Applications?

Wade Dorrell spotlights the fact that Treemap + Silverlight => Gasp!  or go straight to the demo

Ruurd Boeke presents Animating items part two

Mike Snow’s tip: Where to get the Localized Languages of Silverlight 2 Tools

Shawn Wildermuth has released the simple data driven app built during his Silverlight in Florida talk

Josh Wagoner on using the Path Data Parser

Seema Ramchandani answers What is the Silverlight Font?

The webdev guys detail Where to get the Localized Languages of Silverlight 2 Tools

Ning Zhang continues with Customize Silverlight Toolkit Controls: Expander

David Kelleys perspective on Silverlight Threading and Events

Arturo Toledo answers What tools should I install to get started with Silverlight authoring?


Marlon Grech on Avoiding CommandBinding in the XAML Code Behind files

Michael S. Scherotter gives some great links on How to Teach Yourself Expression Blend

Josh Twist’s WPF ScrollViewer Thumbnail

Ivan Towlson announces the Mindscape WPF Property Grid 2.0 is here


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