2008 November 26 – Links for today


ykorotia looks at W3C_Validator with ASP .NET or how validate XHTML1.1

Scott Guthrie on the New ASP.NET Charting Control

David Ebbo on Using User Controls as Page Templates in Dynamic Data


Bart Czernicki reviews the Best WCF Book and WCF Resource – 2nd Edition

Patterns & Practices

Glenn Block announces the MEF Re-factored, Preview 3 has shipped.


Jeff Wilcox covers the AutoCompleteBox control: The missing guide

Corey Schuman on Silverlight ToolTips – positioning and customizing

Mike Snow’s tips: Threading in Silverlight and How to call Page.xaml.cs from App.xaml.cs and Monitoring for App.Current Events – Startup, Shutdown, UnhandledException & Exit

Katrien De Graeve on Live Framework – storing data in a Mesh-enabled Silverlight web application in 4 steps


Kevin Cox with Best Practices for Integrated Full Text Search (iFTS) in SQL 2008

Robert Sheldon looks at SQL Server Index Basics

Pinal Dave makes an Interesting Observation about Order of Resultset without ORDER BY


Robby Ingebretsen spotlights One Data Widget Dashboard to Rule Them All

The Processing language – “open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions”


Lester is Testing WPF apps using NUnit

The SDK guys bring us A DataGrid sample using XML data

Anders Bursjöö looks at Naming and conventions in XAML

Rico Mariani on Visual Studio Dialogue with WPF Performance Emphasis


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