2008 November 24 – Links for today


Phil Haack on Combining JQuery Form Validation and Ajax Submission with ASP.NET


Lightpost Creative has a CSS Image Sprites Tutorial – Create Multiple Buttons With Rollovers


Scott Guthrie’s introduction to jQuery Intellisense in VS 2008


Sergio Pereira gives a great tip on getting Visual Studio to Please open my .aspx fast  – only really works if you too are a “source view kind of programmer”

Karl Seguin is going Back to basics: Generics

Sacha Barber shows us How To Create A WCF Client Proxy Without Having a Deployed WCF Service

Patterns & Practices

Xianzhong Zhu looks at Practicing the Chain of Responsibility Pattern


Nikhil Kothari on In-Place Editing for Silverlight using Styles and Templates

Kathy Kam with a really nice looking demo project: Silverlight Movies (Silverlight + Live Search) and the deck and demo for her Introduction to the Silverlight Controls Framework

Hannes Preishuber looks at Input Validation with Silverlight

David Betz on Understanding WCF Services in Silverlight 2

Ruurd Boeke on Efficiently animating items on movement and on Introducing TransitionContentControl

Suprotim Agarwal discusses Saving and Retrieving Images from IsolatedStorage

Codeplex project alert: Silverlight Validator & Input Toolkit

Jesse Liberty offers A Better Multi-Page Solution

Joseph Glasson talks about Silverlight 2 User Controls Communication


Jaime Rodriguez on Forwarding the DataGrid’s DataContext to it’s columns

Marlon Grech on ICollectionView explained

Ralph Arvesen on a Snapshot of XAML control, save to image

Paul Stovell on Validation Scopes: Draft

Martin Hinshelwood gives some Advice on using XamRibbon with Composite WPF


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