2008 November 21 – Links for today


Dino Esposito presents some ASP.NET Presentation Patterns


JD discusses Documentation, the Mindscape way

Marcelo Ruiz looks at Limiting how many entities are returned from an ADO.NET Data Service

Design Shard have some absolutely gorgeous work in Illustration Artists Showcase and Inspiration – Part 2

Johnny Lee highlights Some great Wiimote IR tracking projects

Josh Lane presents some Best Practices For Windows Workflow Foundation Apps

Dames McCaffrey asks What Makes A Good Software Tester?

Simon Segal has Julie Lerman Entity Framework Tutorials consolidated

Patterns & Practices

Ray Booysen makes his Code Available from MVVM Talk

Ray Houston with PTOM: The Composite Design Pattern

Ken Getz presents The ObservableCollection Class


Joel Neubeck on Developing a Casual Games with Silverlight 2 – Module 2

Mike Benkovich announces Twin Cities Silverlight Demo Code posted!

Felix Corke with A Step-by-Step Introduction to Styling, Templating, and Animating in Expression Blend

Katrien De Graeve on creating a Silverlight Mesh-enabled web application in 8 steps

Crocus Girl gives us a Silverlight Tip [AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR]

Justin Angel discusses Silverlight Design Time Extensibility and Silverlight Toolkit: Treeview, TreeViewItem & HierarchicalDataTemplate

Martin Mihaylov on Using the TreeView control in Silverlight 2

The SDK guys offer some advice on Using ViewportOrigin and ViewportWidth in Deep Zoom  and a subsequent update

Jesse Liberty with some advice on Becoming a Silverlight Programmer

Jon Flansders on SharePoint, Silverlight, and Virtual Earth

Bruce Abernethy uncovers the ImplicitStyleManager – Hidden Gem in the Silverlight Toolkit November 2008

Timmy Kokke on Silverlight Without Xaml


David Anson suggests if you are Having problems with layout? Switch to Plan B! [LayoutTransformControl scenarios for WPF]

Michael Demopoulos on Building a Live Mesh Silverlight Application

Lee on Customizing tooltip

SilverlightGirl discusses how to Obtain cool looking text without embedding fonts in Expression Blend 2

The SDK guys look at the Silverlight Toolkit and F1 Help

Rick Strahl enters the Silverlight space with Silverlight and Data Communications

Ning Zhang’s look at how to Customize Silverlight Toolkit Controls: NumericUpDown


Bennie Haelen is Investigating the new Spatial Types in SQL Server 2008 – Part 2

Edwin Sarmiento is Using Partitioned Tables with Multiple Filegroups for High Availability

Scott Selikoff explains Why too much Database Normalization can be a Bad Thing

Ken Simmons on how to Generate SQL Agent Job Schedule Report


Jeremy Miller recommends a Design For Testability


Dmitry offers some thought provoking advice with De-clutter Your Interface With Hover Controls – definately worth considering.

Charlse Kreitzberg and Ambrose Little present The Human Face Of Software

Zef Fugaz makes Free UX Templates available


Martin Hinshelwood gives some Advice on using XamRibbon with Composite WPF

Mike Steadman with the mechanics of building a Custom Control Part 2

Charles Petzold looks at a Simple Cable Simulation

Mike Taulty has a series of posts on WPF and “Twistori”: Part 7 (of 7 :-)), Part 6, Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2 and the one that started it all

and a WPF: Experiment with Text Animation

Charles Petzold on how to Render Text On A Path With WPF


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