2008 November 17 – Links for today


Suprotim Agarwal with ASP.NET AJAX CollapsiblePanelExtender – Tips and Tricks

Vinod Unny helps with installing Charting in ASP.NET 3.5

Patterns & Practices

Vorleak Chy outlines the Strategy Design Pattern

Scott Mitchell gives us The Eight Commandments of Source Code Control


Boyan Nikolov with a Calculator for Silverlight

Scott Guthrie on Styling a Silverlight Twitter Application with Expression Blend 2

Ning Zhang details the NumericUpDown Control in Silverlight Toolkit and DependencyProperty: Validation, Coercion & Change Handling (Part III: Dependency Property Code Snippet)

Suprotim Agarwal DataBinding in Silverlight – Change property of a Silverlight UI Control at runtime based on another UI Control

Jeff Handley on Silverlight Airlines with a ViewModel

Mike Snow’s tip: Data Collection Support in Silverlight

Jeff Wilcox spotlights the tollkit team blog and introduces the members in Toolkit posts: “Silverlight in Style,” dependency properties in WPF and Silverlight, and TreeView expansion

Jeff Blankenburg on Embedding Fonts In Silverlight 2, Calling Javascript From Silverlight 2, Creating A Simple Silverlight Animation and from waaaay back – Creating a WCF Service For Silverlight 2 and SQL

Jeff Paries on Sending email from Silverlight

Silverlight show guys present How to create your own Visual WebGui Silverlight theme

Michael Schwarz shows how to Encrypt your AJAX traffic using Microsoft Silverlight and Ajax.NET Professional

Mark Johnston found a Design Experience video – Tricky Business session from Silverlight usergroup in UK

Ivan Dragoev answers What is control styling?


Faisal spotlights SurfaceDJ from Vectorform

Adam Kinney announces Vectorform wins PhizzPop New York with Study Right


LearnWPF guys detail the XAML Compiler has issues with linked xaml files

Josh Smith recommends Using a ViewModel to Provide Meaningful Validation Error Messages

Rawwool Experiments with WPF animation to recreate some of Microsoft Health Common User Interface magic! 

Azam Sharp presents An article that gives an introduction to WPF templates

Mitsu’s WPF and Silverlight BookControls

Jeremiah Morrill announces a Small feature added to the WPF MediaKit


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