2008 November 13 – Links for today


Xianzhong Zhu presents Exemplifying the Factory Method Pattern inside the .NET Framework

Amit begins a series with Working With ASP.Net MVC Part 1


jQuery Plugin: Preload Images


Smashing Magazine advises on 12 Principles For Keeping Your Code Clean


Silverlight girl has released the Source code for the Baby-2-Woman Silverlight Loader project on CodePlex  with some details of how she did it

David Anson posts A fix for simple HTML display in Silverlight [HtmlTextBlock bug fix for Silverlight 2 RTW!]  for the original My take on simple HTML display in Silverlight [HtmlTextBlock sample updated for Silverlight 2 RTW!] article

Math Geek Rock Chick on Silverlight: dynamically finding a storyboard in the VisualStateManager

Cheryl from the Silverlight SDK team details a couple of WCF, HTTP, Security and Data Service topics for Silverlight

Justin Angel gives another in-depth tutorial in Silverlight Toolkit: HeaderedContentControl & HeaderedItemControl

Suprotim Agarwal on Creating and Consuming a WCF Service in Silverlight


Solomon Rutzky looks at Easy and Repeatable Testing of DB Code (Stored Procs, etc.) with DbFit

Divya Agrawal shows us how to Compare Dates in an iterative manner for a particular set of records


Tomer Shamam highlights Prism on Microsoft Developer Academy III

Adam Kinney sums up with New Controls and Tools – PDC2008 Cool Hunting finale

Christopher Bennage continues Building a WPF Application: Part 5

Kurt Brockett asks WPF – What’s the Tipping Point?

Colin Eberhardt offers a great article of WPF DataGrid Practical Examples

Josh Fischer provides A beginner’s guide to the default control layout mechanisms in WPF

Rudi Grobler’s Part 2 in a series on how to create a replica of the Outlook Calendar (and Appointments) using WPF

Martin Hinshelwood on Composite WPF and Merged Dictionaries


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