2008 November 10 – Links for today


Kirk Evans on Using ASP.NET Dynamic Data with the Windows Workflow Foundation Rules Engine


Shawn Wildermuth implements MSchema and Decorator Tables

Stephen Forte on LINQ To REST Data

Matthew Podwysocki is excited by Code Contracts for .NET 4.0 – Spec# Comes Alive

Patterns & Practices

Brad Abrams presents a Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Demo

Jason Dolingers cast on Model-View-ViewModel


Seema Ramchandani on EnableFramerateCounter, Setting your Framerate correctly

Joseph Ghasson really delves into Silverlight 2.0 Isolated Storage

Joel Neubueck improves his RatingControl with Theme support

Michael Sync gives us a great Silverlight Glass Button

Boyan Nikolov brings to the table the ProportionalPanel – custom control for Silverlight 2

Shawn Wildermuth discusses Controlling Service References in Silverlight 2

Math Geek Rock chick is back with Silverlight: dynamically finding a storyboard in the VisualStateManager


Scott Hanselman offers advice on Viewing a LOT of Images Effectively (plus 700 Obama Newspaper Covers in Silverlight Deep Zoom ) 

Justin Angel takes an indepth look at the SILVERLIGHT TOOLKIT: VIEWBOX

David Kelley announces Crossfader Goes Live at http://www.crossfader.com/

Ian Griffiths on Silverlight and WriteableBitmap

Looks like these guys at Intersoft have been around for a while, but I have only just found them and they look like they have some interesting bits on their site.

An old one by Scott Gu which I had missed, the End-to-End Silverlight Chat Application Tutorial

Dave Burke on Silverlite: What to do if your XAML changes do not display, Silverlite: Why your AutoCompleteBox may not be working and Silverlite: Why datagrid column sorting might not be working

James Bacon unveils A new Silverlight framework for creating managed code splash screens, pre loaders and loader projects

Nikhil Kothari with Silverlight.FX Effects in Depth


Addam Kinney on Multi-touch enlightenment with IdentityMine and Vectorform


Ning Zhang on the DependencyProperty: Validation, Coercion & Change Handling Part I

Vincent Sibal with a WPF DataGrid Design-time Walkthrough

Brian Noyes reveals The Truth about Routed Commands Routing

Rudi Grobler provides us with an WPF Themes Update

Karl Shifflett on Learning WPF M-V-VM with a great diagram of the application layers

Christopher Bennage on Building a WPF Application: Part 4


2 Responses to “2008 November 10 – Links for today”

  1. at http://www.xamltemplates.net/ you can find xaml templates, themes.

  2. And I have added your blog to my list of those being watched 🙂
    I look forward to your next articles on the 2advanced controls

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