2008 November 09 – Links for today


Alex Homer details ASP.NET Patterns every developer should know

Jim Wang on Working with ADO.NET Data Services in AJAX

Scott Hanselman on ASP.NET and jQuery and The Weekly Source Code 36 – PDC, BabySmash and Silverlight Charting

Mike Ormond presents Getting ASP.NET Routing Up and Running – The Definitive Guide and Getting ASP.NET Routing Up and Running – The Definitive Guide


James Eggers on Starting with jQuery – Using jQuery with Web Forms


Stephen Spencer presents Search Engine Optimization Training [VIDEO]

Christopher Null outlines How to Start an Online Business for $100

Jacob Gube lists 10 Promising Content Management Systems

Sondre Bjellås investigates Microsoft’s bold new design initiative

Photoshop-Pack with 20 Wonderful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Professional Navigation Menu

Chris Koenig kicks off Mesh-enabled Applications – Part 1: Getting Started


Boyan Nikolov publishes the Silverlight Minesweeper

Page Brooks on Finding a Storyboard in the VisualStateManager

Justin Angel delves into the Silverlight Toolkit: WrapPanel

Shawn Wildermuth reckons SQL Data Services is Cool…but It Won’t Work in Silverlight 2

David Kelley gives a tip on Centering Content in Xaml

John Papa on Cloud Gazing with Silverlight

Suprotim Agarwal examines Silverlight 2 Application Structure and Execution Cycle

David Anson on Improving ChartBuilder’s cultural sensitivity [ChartBuilder app/source updated!]

Shawn Oster looks at Dynamic Icons in the Silverlight TreeView


Brian Knight presents Using Data Viewers – SQL School Video

Rob Garrison is Exploring SQL 2005’s Ranking Functions – NTILE() and ROW_NUMBER()


Patrick Smacchia is impressed with The (near) future of Code Correctness


Rob Relyea lists The 8 Benefits of XAML for UI and Beyond

Mike Taulty gives A Tour of WPF

Rudi Grobler announces WPF Themes Released

Jeff Brand continues with Building a Composite WPF Application Part 2


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