2008 November 06 – Links for today


Scott Hunter on Securing Dynamic Data


Brett calculates that simpleCart(js) + PayPal = E-commerce in minutes

Tim Slavin on How to Pick a Shopping Cart: 7 Carts Reviewed

James Bender asks is wcf the death of .net?

Jeffrey Way shows How to Convert a PSD to XHTML

Photoshop-Pack brings us 20 Wonderful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Professional Navigation Menu

Microsofts help package for small businesses – BizSpark

Smashing magazine bring us 6 Steps For Building Successful Websites

David Vidmar presents a Watermarked TextBox in Windows Forms on .NET

Andrew Rea demos A Custom DropDownList using an Enum Type as a DataSource

Glen Stansberry lists 50 Must-read Books on Web Development

Patterns & Practices

Andy Clymer has a really elegant article clarifying Why Patterns

Shivprasad Koirala’s Design Pattern Interview question part 1

David Hayden on the Unity Application Block and Decorator Pattern


Joe McBride’s Composite Silverlight 2.0 Application Library Updated to RTW

Cellbi have an update to their SvLite Effects suite

Gill Cleeren declares My 2 new Silverlight chopsticks are online!

Ning Zhang details the Viewbox control in Silverlight Toolkit and the Expander Control in Silverlight Toolkit


Atif Shehzad explains SQL Server Schema Binding and Indexed Views

Peter Ward on Super Sizing Columns in SQL Server


Tim Huckaby invites us to Download the “CME Surface Application” Video and the “Best of InterKnowlogy Surface Applications” Video


Michael Eaton on Getting started with NUnit’s RowTest


Vincent Sibal continues detailing the WPF DataGrid – New Item Template Sample

Pavan Podila informs us of The new TransitionPresenter in FluidKit


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