2008 November 04 – Links for today


JavascriptKit publishes an Overview of CSS3 Structural pseudo-classes


Fredrik Normén warns Don’t return List<T> from a public member!

Noupe lists its Most Wanted Ajax Techniques: 50+ Examples and Tutorials

Smashing Magazine highlights The Graphs: A Free Icon Set

Todays screencast: Castle Windsor Moving Dependencies into Application Config

Ivan Towlson details Inheritance in LightSpeed


Tim Heuer breaks down Using Encoder Templates in your Silverlight Application and Using Silverlight AutoCompleteBox on custom types

Ben Waggoner illustrates Building high-performance Silverlight Media Players

Scott Barnes is Calling all Silverlight/WPF Developers & Designers.

Jeff Paries reviews Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation and publishes his Silverlight Gauge Graphic

Jeff Wilcox on Getting Expression Encoder 2 SP1’s media player template to work with CDNs and cross-domain embedding

Martin Mihaylov documents Using the DockPanel in Silverlight 2

Mike Snows Tips: Silverlight 2 Developer Reference, Great Silverlight Sessions to Watch from PDC 2008 and Silverlight Performance Tips

Seema Ramchandani with brings his PDC: Deep Dive into building an optimized graphics-intensive SL app

Jafar Husain delves into Using ImplicitStyleManager and Theme Containers


Abhishek Kumar Singh helps us in Understanding Date and Time Functions and Operations in SQL Server


Jeremiah Morrill documents a New Feature in WPF MediaKit

Tim Sneath gives WPF developers: PDC wrap-up and visual studio tooling update


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