2008 November 03 – Links for today


James Padolsey gives us Some jQuery Shortcuts


The Visual Web Dev team announce a Downloadable Hotfix: False C# compilation errors for ASP.NET code-behind files in SP1

Erm – really, so soon? Is Linq to SQL dead? Tim Mallalieu on Clarifying the message on L2S Futures, Orens thoughts on this and David Haydens

Sacha Barber goes in-depth with A Journey Into Expressions

Bill Wagner gives us a Book Review: Working with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers

Jacob Gube lists 40 Beautiful Free Icon Sets

Matt Gromes continues documenting My First Agile Project Part 10: 5 Important Issues for Teams


Brian Goldfarb reckons Silverlight + IIS Smooth Streaming is WOW

David Hill continues with Silverlight Navigation – Part 2

Ricky Tan brings us a Silverlight Futures Sneak Peek: Building Business Focused Applications

Gerard Leblanc continues Menus, part III : animated multi-level drop-down menu

Rob Houweling has Another one on repacking XAPs to reduce filesize

Jeff Wilcox reckons Renaming Xap to Zip is dead. Long live renaming Xap to Zip!

Joseph Ghassan on Silverlight 2.0 Dependency Properties And Routed Events

Bill Reiss discusses Offline Apps in Silverlight? and declares Creating a Mesh-enabled Silverlight web app is easy

Jordan gives a good look at Silverlight Animation Builder and Chainer

Jesse Liberty discusses On Learning New Technology – Controls Toolkit & Examples and Themes Revisited: The Implicit Style Manager [Updated!]

Dave Burke details My First Silverlight 2.0 Application Deployment Rodeo

Jeff Wilcox details Successful .Xap deployment with your CDN: Set the application/x-silverlight-app MIME type and Introducing the AutoCompleteBox with accompanying AutoCompleteBox: Video introduction

Pete Brown on Styling the Charts in the Silverlight Toolkit

John Stockton on Silverlight Training: Week 1 – Introduction to Silverlight

SLExtensions releases Alpha 2

Mel Lota shows Adding Silverlight Toolkit Controls to the Visual Studio Toolbox

Ning Zhang on Silverlight Toolkit Unit Test

Carole Snyder shows us Different kinds of controls you can make in Silverlight


Mike Ormond on Offline Silverlight Applications

Andy Beaulieu on Silverlight Futures: Building Business Focused Applications

Harsh Bardhan details Using the GridSplitter control with Silverlight 2

Dan Wahlin on Using Styles to Define Silverlight 2 Control Templates

Peter Bromberg on the Silverlight 2 Custom Stock Charts With Silverlight Toolkit

Get your free Silverlight Menu Library


Tim Chapman has More New SQL Server 2008 Features

Brad McGehee looks into SQL Server 2008: The New Data Types and not a single mention of beards in Characteristics of the Exceptional DBA

Isaac Kunen gives us an Introduction to Spatial Coordinate Systems: Flat Maps for a Round Planet

Aaron Bertrand shares My stored procedure “best practices” checklist


Marcelo Ruiz reckons Profiling WPF Tools – not just for WPF

Vincent Sibal brings the WPF DataGrid: Frozen Row Sample and the WPF DataGrid – DataGridComboBoxColumn v1 Intro

Josh Smith on Shader Effects with Shazzam


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