2008 October 30 – Links for today

jQuery & ASP.Net

Stephen Walther gives us access to his PDC jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX Demo Code


Free High Res Rough Textures


Jonas Follesø comes stormin in with how to Change the look of your Silverlight application using Themes, New layout controls in the Silverlight Toolkit and Improve your user experience using the AutoCompleteBox

Bill Reiss on the new Viewbox in the Silverlight Toolkit

Lee gives us a really nice and simple demo on Changing Styles using ImplicitStyleManager

Jafar Husain on Building an Observable Model in Silverlight

Chris Anderson on Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Part 2

Silverlight Bugs and Workarounds

Ruurd Boeke highlights Zooming into a chart and Autocomplete box accessing a webservice walk-through

Beatriz Stollnitz explains How can I expand items in a TreeView? – Part I

Jeff Prosise declares his Page-turn framework updated for Silverlight 2

Dave Anson delves deeper into Silverlight Charts with Click your way to great Silverlight charts [Live ChartBuilder sample and source code!]


Itzik Ben Gan discusses Normalizing HIERARCHYID Values


Html reference for the Selenium IDE Firefox plugin


Rudi Grobler goes toe to toe with Jonas with Using a DatePicker in a DataGrid and his Silverlight love for WPF where he outlines a couple of issues he had when porting themes or controls from Silverlight to WPF and a brief tutorial for the DatePicker & Calendar released for WPF

MSDN guidelines on Designing with Windows Presentation Foundation


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