2008 October 29 – Links for today


It’s kinda hard to believe we are still having these discussions but evidently we still need to as Andrew Tetlaw illustrates with Is Using Lots of div Tags Really That Bad?


Dave Bush on jQuery Simple Selectors

The web dev tools guys show us Rich IntelliSense for jQuery

Muhammad Mosa presents Building jQuery and ASP.Net AJAX Enabled Controls, The jQueryCollapsiblePanelExtender Part 2 Server Control. It’s worth looking at the 2 different demo versions (before and after) at the end of the article just to be clear as to why you might want to do this.


Jim Pierson outlines 12 Steps To Faster Web Pages With Visual Round Trip Analyzer

Yura details 89 Ways for You to Become the Coolest Programmer in the World (89! :0)

J D Meier brings us the beta of the patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0


Lots of announcements this morning for the Silverlight toolkit, each with a slightly different focus. There seems to be a lot of attention around the charting controls which I am very grateful for. Thanks to all the Silverlight toolkit team for this release. A couple of my projects just got a whole lot easier. 🙂 Anyway a couple of good ones (in no particular order);

Tim Heuer, Pete Brown, Laurent Bugnion, Michael Sync (spotlight on the treeview), Dan Wahlin, Jesse Liberty,

Andy Beaulieu (also spotlights the treeview), Justin Angel produces a huge and impressive overview post, Chad Campbell posts a couple of crackers with Introducing the Chart Control and Getting Started with the Chart Control and David Anson Announcing a free, open source Charting solution for Silverlight

Demos of the toolkit available here and Charting examples

Jeff Handley has an updated HellowWorld.ViewModel post to now include code and app and he also goes on to detail Binding Converters – VisibilityConverter

The Expression Blend team illustrate SIMULATING SAMPLE DATA IN BLEND 2 SP1

Alex Knight tutorial on How to skin buttons made easy

Lee on DataGrid navigation between cells

Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs on Light Up SharePoint With Silverlight 2 Web Parts

John Papa on Cloud Gazing From Silverlight 2

Dino Esposito on Browser Interoperability In Silverlight 2

Jeff Prosise with Silverlight 2 Transforms And Clipping Regions

Mike Snow’s Tip: How to copy XAML for Silverlight from Expression Designer

David Kelley on Silverlight 2 URL Redirection

Ashish Shetty gives us his white paper on Search engine optimizations for Silverlight Applications – “make their Silverlight content discoverable on a search engine results page and to provide an acceptable experience for users who do not have Silverlight enabled”

Bert Czernicki informs as to Why you should start using a MVC pattern

Dave Burke on Passing Querystring Parameters to a Silverlight Control


Ian Stirk presents a utility for establishing What SQL Statements are executing


Now we know how to get one, we hear that Microsoft rolls out SDK for Surface interface


Matt Milner details Unit Testing Workflows And Activities


WPF Team announce the preview release of their Ribbon control and a whole host of other bits about the toolkit release.


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