2008 October 28 – Links for today


ASP.Net 4.0 preview on CodePlex – includes preview versions of MVC, AJAX, Dynamic Data and more…

Omar Al Zabir gives us some pointers on How to convince developers and management to use automated unit test for AJAX websites


Matt Gromes continues his series My First Agile Project Part 9: Choosing A New Tool – VersionOne

Jose Fajardo presents Windows Azure – the OS for the cloud

Follow along at that PDC site

Chris Koenig lets us know where to Get your .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 VPC image


Mike Snow’s Tip: How to copy XAML for Silverlight from Expression Designer
Walt Ritscher releases a WPF Pixel Shader Utility with code 🙂
Dave Burke does an End of Week Recap for his Silver 2.0 Immersivity series

John Bowen makes his L.A. Code Camp October 2008 Presentation Materials available for both WPF and Silverlight
Gene announces Multitouch input for Silverlight!

Mike Taulty on Silverlight 2 and Localisation/Globalisation

Jeff Handley walks us through a HelloWorld.ViewModel example


Interested in getting one? Here’s how


Updated WPF Performance Profiling tools


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