2008 October 24 – Links for today


Suprotim Agarwal examines GridView Paging using ASP.NET AJAX Slider Extender

Scott Hanselman looks at ASP.NET MVC and the new IIS7 Rewrite Module

Naz_ST breaks down Architecting .NET Web Applications for Scale & Performance (A Practical Guide)

Jason Young lists some ASP.NET MVC Pro’s and Con’s – read the comments too. They are a cracking read.


Dave Ward with 7 of my favorite jQuery plugins for use with ASP.NET and Using jQuery to display a modal UpdatePanel confirmation

James Lao on Visualizing Data with Flot

jQuery Lightbox style plugin Galleria

Adrian Mato Gondelle shows how to Create a professional interface for your web applications using jQuery

Maurice de Beijer helps us get  jQuery Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008


Jesse Liberty comments on So Much Technology – So Little Time

Astoria team give us a preview of Astoria futures: offline-enabled data services


Bart Czernicki gives a comparison between Silverlight & ASP.NET MVC vs Web Forms (Very High Level)

Jeff Prosise continues his tips with Writing Multithreaded apps in the browser with Silverlight

Peter McGrattan on Configuring Silverlight 2 Polling Duplex Endpoints in .config file only

Laurent Bugnion has released the Silverlight 2 Unleashed Online Content

Nathan Moody’s (slightly older) Silverlight data visualisation example

Mekki Ahmedi presents a Solution for Silverlight Versioning Conflicts

Peter Himschoot Lovely little gotcha –  Don’t use Name as a Property for your own classes in Silverlight and details usage of the MessageBox in Silverlight

Karl Shifflett on WPF & Silverlight LOB Form Layout – Searching for a Better Solution

Dan Wahlin discusses Adding Style to Silverlight 2 Controls

Rockford Lhotka’s article on Using CSLA .NET for Silverlight to Build Line-of-Business Applications


Tim Chapman advises on getting Audit data using SQL Server 2005’s COLUMNS_UPDATED function

Armando Prato looks at which to use for Auto generated SQL Server keys – uniqueidentifier or IDENTITY


Eric Havir posts some Demos with Loose Cannon Studios


More ways to front end test with outputs to Selenium and Watir 


Mike Taulty on WPF and Lenovo


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