2008 October 23 – Links for today


Adam Calderon cross technology example in Building RIA Applications for Web 3.0 Sample


Jacob Gube highlights some pretty Innovative (and Experimental) CSS Examples and Techniques

Patterns & Practices

James Kovacs’ Principles, Patterns, and Prism Presentation

Jeff Handley examines the ViewModel Pattern


Imran Shaik has a couple of great XAML articles; MORE XAML GRADIENTS and WORKING WITH OPACITY MASKS 

Joseph Ghassan begins his series Introduction to Silverlight 2.0

Jeff Prosise continues with COOL SILVERLIGHT TRICK #3 “the factoring of applications”

Jesse Liberty with It Ain’t You, Babe… A Not-a-bug bug in DataGrid

Tim Heuer details the Silverlight 2 Watermarked TextBox Control

Manish Dalal follows up hi previous article with Cascading combobox

Mike Snow’s tip: Adding a Mouse Wheel Event Listener to your Controls

TheWindows Presentation Foundation SDK guys announce that Composite WPF and Silverlight V2 is posted

Ivan Dragoev asks Silverlight – ready for business applications?

Brad Cunningham does some more work on Photo Stackr (Silverlight goodness)

Jaime Rodriguez illuminates on Working with collections in Deep Zoom


Dave Bush on SQL CURSOR Performance – SQL For Programmers

Ashish Kumar Mehta introduces Filtered Indexes in 2008


The MS Surface guys Intro to SurfaceWare

Max Zuckerman asks Could this be the future of Microsoft Surface and learning? and Flexible displays are just around the corner… what will we do with them?


Donovan Brown’s Neptune (personal SMTP testing server)

Nikolai Tillmann announces Pex 0.8 Released, featuring Code Digger and Stubs


Rudi Grobler cracking article on Creating a Outlook Calendar using WPF (Part 1)

Adam Kinney with a lovely demonstration of Rounded Windows and Blur Sample Code

Greg Schecter details the Effect Library posted

Bechir Bejaoui on Working with WPF ViewBox Control


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