2008 October 22 – Links for today


Brad Abrams at AJAXWorld: Day 1- Building a great AJAX application from scratch

Maarten Balliauw’s CarTrackr – Sample ASP.NET MVC application – this is really worth looking at as it illustrates a number of different technologies

DotNetSlackers asks AJAX: JavaScript, or ASP .net AJAX or JQuery?

Bill Beckelman gives us a Client Side ASP.NET ListView Sorting via jQuery TableSorter Plugin Demo

Coding Standards

Amit shares a Terrible Code Example – Methods From Hell


AARON GUSTAFSON on Progressive Enhancement with CSS


Stephen Walther’s Essential Visual Studio Tips & Tricks that Every Developer Should Know

The Mindscape guys explain Stored procedures and LightSpeed

Craig Lindley on Building Your Own Web Server

Patterns & Practices

Torkel Ödegaard guide to View Model Inheritance in asp.net MVC

Steve Smith on insidious dependencies


Tess on Debugging Silverlight applications with windbg and sos.dll

Mike Snow’s Tip – Deploying a Silverlight Application with a Web Service

Shawn Wildermuth on Using Isolated Storage Settings in Silverlight 2 and his MSDN article on how to Create Data-Centric Web Applications With Silverlight 2

Dave Relyea illustrates Customizing a ToolTip

Chad Campbell gives us a Silverlight 2 – Templating Video

Rob Zelt’s Silverlight 2 Timeline Panel and Silverlight 2 Controls – Styles and Templates

Jordan Knight on Silverlight and Windows Live ID Video and Silverlight, WCF, Membership, Forms Authentication and Windows Live ID and again with Expand a Silverlight control

Silverlight Web Services team announce New Web Services Features in Silverlight 2 RTW

Jesse Liberty on Sizing in Silverlight – Pixels and Stars

Bart Czernicki highlights a Big Performance Boost in Silverlight 2 RTW

Brad Abrams at AJAXWorld: Day 2 – Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2


If you gotta use ‘em, do it right – SQL Server Cursor Examples


Nikolai Tillman gives us a Sneak Preview of Code Digger — The New Pex Experience as one of my work colleagues put it – “that looks bad ass”.


Smashing Magazine’s Creative User Interfaces in Modern Web Design

The upcoming Designing Gestural Interfaces book now has a publication date and chapter one is available for download

WebResourcesDept lists 16 Free Ajax Contact Forms – For A Better User Experience


Mike Taulty – really nice WPF, Experiments with the CodePlex Shader Library


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