2008 October 21 – Links for today

The last few days have been more than a little busy and much has happened in the world at large so I better get on with it 🙂


Stephen Walther presents us with A Guide to Learning ASP.NET MVC Beta 1

Scott Guthrie’s post on ASP.NET MVC Beta Released


CSS Best Practices anyone?

David Storey on Automatic numbering with CSS Counters

Nick La with a How to: CSS Large Background

Niels Matthijs on Writing Flexible CSS


DotNetSlackers continues the great little intro series with JQuery, the very very basics – Lesson 5 and JQuery, the very very basics – Lesson 6

Chris Moyer adds his thoughts with A Programmer’s Introduction to jQuery

James Eggers on Starting With jQuery – How to Write Custom Validation Rules


Megha P presents Create Progress bar in windows application

Steve Smith on getting fiddler for firefox

Matt Berseth continues his page tracking system with Updates to my Live Traffic Page

Steven Snell’s 10 Helpful Resources for Cross Browser Testing

Smashing Magazines Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions

Patterns & Practices

Tobias Mayer on Scrum Smells with When is Scrum not Scrum?

Matt Gromes continues with My First Agile Project Part 8: 9 Things We Disliked (and Liked) about


Nikhil Kothari on Silverlight Controls with Effects and Transitions

Bart Czernicki  discusses Silverlight and the Enterprise

Laurent Bugnion with his experiences of Redesigning my website with the help of Expression Blend

Jesse Liberty on Silverlight and Data

Laurence Moroney on developing a Panoramic Deep Zoom

Mike Taulty with Part 2 of Silverlight 2, Html DOM Interoperability ( 2 )

Andy Beaulieu’s Physics Helper Beta 1!

Scott Barnes announces Project Deep Zoom JellyFish is out!

Terence Tsang’s great First Silverlight 2 Application: Color Picker

Pete Brown continues with How to Build Facebook Applications with Silverlight 2 RTW – Part 2 of 2

Mike Snow’s Tips: How to Create a Hyperlink and How to Monitor HTTP Traffic for Errors

Konstantin Petkov UI Automation/Accessibility in Silverlight 2, tools and resources summary

Creating a localizable Silverlight 2.0 RTW Application

Mike Dobbles on Creating a skinnable custom control

Christopher Bennage introduces us to Frame-based Bitmap Animations in Silverlight

Headup: a discovery agent for Firefox based on Silverlight 2.

VisiFire: open source data visualization components

Paulio on Progressive Enhancement with Silverlight “use Silverlight to enhance a HTML table and scrape the data from the HTML”

Jeff Prosise COOL SILVERLIGHT TRICK #1  “allowing managed code to integrate with the browser DOM” and COOL SILVERLIGHT TRICK #2 “call directly from one control instance to the other”

Adam Kinney reckons SilverlightContrib is taking off – developing into a good looking library peeps


Louis Roy with a great little article on Test-Driven Development of T-SQL Code


Ian Cooper on ObjectMother and TestDataBuilder


This one could have gone in CSS or jQuery, but really this is a UX thang I reckon. Nick La  presents a really nice CSS Dock menu much akin to Mac menus

Smashing Magazine’s 50 Excellent AJAX Tutorials

Dana Chisnell on Quick and Dirty Usability Testing: Step Away from the Book


Dr. WPF with ItemsControl: ‘E’ is for Editable Collection

Sacha Barber on .NET 3.5 SP1 StringFormat Binding Property Weirdness (A Rant)

Sam Nobles WPF Elliptical Layout Control – 3D! I liked this a lot and wonder if you could make it 3d inasmuch as you could select an item from the other side of the ellipsis which would bring it to the front. i.e. selecting the item at the very back rolls the control over to that item?


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