2008 October 16 – Links for today



DotNetSlackers detail some Good links: ASP .NET and JQuery

Dave Bush starts his series on Getting started with jQuery and ASP.NET


Dmitry outlines a CSS Tip: Remove the Mac OS X Glowing Blue Outline for Custom Styled Input Fields


James Eggers gives his hints on Starting With jQuery – How to Write Custom Validation Rules


Jeff Atwood urges us to look into Preventing CSRF and XSRF Attacks. If you work with a site which uses authorization you need to look into this.

Jeffrey Way lets us know This is how you use the Google Maps API. So there.

Rob Conery looks at how to Make Visual Studio Generate Your Repository

The guys at Mindscape have announced LightSpeed 2.1 Released!


Mike Taulty has updated www.silverlightscreencasts.com for RTW, and adds the proviso that the vids are still based on Beta 2 and then dives into Silverlight 2, Html DOM Interoperability

Silverlight is not going to be on the iPhone apparently, but MS are keeping their eyes on the Google Android platform

Mike Snow shows us How to Create a Tooltip

Tim Heuer gives us some pointers on Honoring your user’s culture settings with Silverlight

Xinyang Qiu releases his simple Silverlight 2.0 Stock Quotation Demo “of using data grid control to display stock quotes from a web service”

Jim Galasyn lets us know that the Silverlight 2 docs are posted with some great links

Bill Reiss has (really easily) updated his PathTextBlock for Silverlight 2 RTW

Emil Stoychev proclaims that his LinkLabel control now compatible with Silverlight 2 RTW

Scott Morrison on Freezing Columns in the Silverlight DataGrid

Pete Brown illustrates How to Build Facebook Applications with Silverlight 2 RTW – Part 1 of 2

Corey Schuman explains Why use a Client Access Policy file

Nikhil Kothari on Silverlight Controls with Effects and Transitions


The Surface guys gives Developer talk with Loose Cannon Studios


Karl Seguin continues with Simplicity is key to successful unit testing – Part 2


Jacob Gube lists 20 Websites to Help You Master User Interface Design


Laurent Bugnion on Converting and customizing XAML to PNG with server-side WPF

Ruben Steins starts his once a week extensive focus on one WPF control article series this week with Spotlight: The WPF TextBox detailing spell checking, copy-cut-paste and undo functionality. I look forward to the next one Ruben.


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