2008 October 15 – Links for today


John Resig on Ultra-Chaining with jQuery

The guys at devSnippets spotlights 20 jQuery Plugins for Unforgettable User Experience


Smashing magazines 35 Beautiful Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials


Scott Guthrie has officially announced Silverlight 2 Released as does Scott Hanselman, Mike Snow and Shawn Wildermuth. There are no doubt bunches of others but these guys seemed to offer something a little more than just “check out Scott’s post” 😉

Jesse Liberty has a really good release guide and demonstrates the slightly revised Silverlight Controls – Look Nicer, Taste Great

Tim Heuer’s collection of links and articles on New controls, tools, announcements! and as if that weren’t enough, Calling secure (SSL) services from Silverlight 2 and Silverlight and ADO.NET Data Service proxy generation

Laurence Moroney answers Where can I get the Silverlight 2 Bits?

Peter Laudati spotlights Remote Debugging a Silverlight Application on Mac OSX

The guys over at live dev have announced Silverlight Streaming ads pilot program has launched, but only in the US. Come on guys, open it up just a little more 🙂

Rob Relyea on the release of [MS-SLXV] Silverlight XAML Vocabulary 2008 Specification v0.9

Koen Zwikstra has updated Silverlight Spy for Silverlight 2

Alex Knight’s Text Fader – Silverlight demo and source

Jonas Follesø Printing in Silverlight 2 using CSS and ASP.NET AJAX 4


Jack Corbett gives us an Introduction to DML Triggers

Rick Strahl on Client Templating with jQuery


James Padolosey offers 7 things you can do so your users won’t leave

Jeff Blankenburg offers 6 Tips For Making Website Registration User-Friendly


Pavan Podila with a really nice enhancement; Multi selection in a CoverFlow view

Karl Shifflett explains all in Karl Why Did You Write XAML Power Toys and What is Ocean? and announces the release of XAML Power Toys 3.3 Released With New Class Browser and a really quick update with XAML Power Toys


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