2008 October 14 – Links for today

Coding Standards

Fredrik Normén asks Is it important to write good code? With clear illustrations


jQuery plugin: UI Tabs

DotNetSlackers continue their series with JQuery, the very very basics – Lesson 5

Rick Strahl on Client Templating with jQuery


Matt Gromes continues his excellent series with My First Agile Project, Part 7: Adventures in Agile Testing

Richard Bradshaw helps us to avoid 5 terrible SEO ideas

Chris Cagle demonstrates How to Create a Mashup by Combining 3 Different APIs

autarch recommends YAGNI principles in that most of the time You don’t need to scale

Shelving and Unshelving in TFS


The huge news has to be the release of Silverlight 2. Samiq urges us to update with his list of bits. Expect lots of updates to controls / code / samples over the next couple of weeks. I will of course post any that I find.

Gerard Leblanc shows off his artistic inclinations in Menus. Part I 

Jesse Liberty continues his Databinding series with Data Binding – Data Validation

Corey Schuman Implements the Video Slider control

Shawn Wildermuth discusses ADO.NET Data Services and TimeZone issues

Nathan Brouwer details some of the changes for Silverlight 2 Final (RTW) Available

Access to the teleconference with the announcement of Silverlight 2s release

Dave Relyea breaks down the Silverlight Control Lifecycle

Mike Taulty posts a powerpoint deck on “What is Silverlight”

Ray Booysen on Unit Testing and INotifyPropertyChanged

Rob Houweling implements Clipboard support in Silverlight 2


Dr Denny (potentially) answers Why is my SELECT COUNT(*) running so slow?

Jacob Sebastian enlightens once more with Understanding SQL Server SET Options 4 – SET ARITHABORT ON | OFF


Dmitry with another great article: Experience vs. Function — a Beautiful UI is Not Always the Best UI

Smashing Magazine’s article on Pricing Tables: Examples And Best Practices Do you guys get product placement freebies / deals? 😉



Mike Taulty revisits WPF and “Binding to a Computed Value”

lneir ‘s article on Text On A Path in WPF

AndyL2’s great looking article on WPF Non-Client Area Design Techniques For Custom Window Frames

Mike Hillberg on Namespaces in Xaml


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