2008 October 13 – Links for today


Jeffrey Jordan Way continues his series with Why Aren’t You Using jQuery: PART 3

Tero Piirainen details usage of a jQuery Plugin To Scroll Content


Jacob Gube’s article outlining 15 Tools for Monitoring a Website’s Popularity

Matt Berseth continues his Site Traffic analysis tooling with Creating a Live Traffic Page from my PageView/Visit Database

Mike Foskett on a very nice Cross fading disjointed image rollover

Patterns & Practices

Omar Al Zabir diagrams An Agile Developer’s workflow when SCRUM is used


Laurence Moroney updates some of his book samples from Introducing Silverlight 2 – Code updates for RC0/RTM

Adam J Cooper on Why I Abandoned Silverlight for ASP.NET MVC – really interesting read, well worth digesting in which he links to Shaun Wildermuth’s insightful article Silverlight and Line of Business Applications

The Silverlight SDK Team have released a doc detailing Silverlight Breaking Changes Between Beta 2 and Release (Updated Document)

Page Brooks on Sharing Code Between .NET and Silverlight Platforms

Jesse Liberty still has more to say following his dramatic finalisation in Data Binding – Margin Notes and Data Binding – Data Conversion

Mike Snow keeps churning them out with How to load a XAML Control From a File or String

Corey Schuman has an Video Slider update for RC0

Tim Heuer Hey, who took my Chiron? and if your not sure what he is talking about, it is definately worth reading 🙂

David Anson fixes a bug which was Just a little too eager with the clicking… [Updated binaries and source for MouseButtonClicker]

Rick Code on a Navigable Grid in Silverlight, supporting Page Navigation for List Controls such as Data Grid (RC0)

Martin Mihaylov on Page navigation and browser history in Silverlight

Bill Reiss details some Great freeware fonts for PathTextBlock and Silverlight

Tom breaks down the XPerf: A CPU Sampler

Rob Eisenberg announces Caliburn Alpha for WPF AND Silverlight is Here!


Jacob Sebastian on Understanding SQL Server SET Options 3 – SET ANSI_PADDING ON | OFF and UNPIVOT Example 2

Mika Wendelius on Data versioning in SQL Server using row versions

Brad McGehee on SQL Server 2008: The New Data Types


Roy Osherove announces the Art Of Unit Testing – Book done, Wiki ready


Sacha Barber’s WPF Screen Saver

Josh Smith Showing an Ellipsis for Clipped Text in a ComboBox

Brian Noyes releases Composite WPF and WPF Data Binding slides and code from Day 2 at the Software Developers Network conference (aka SDC) in Netherlands

Paul Stovell on WPF: DelayBinding and WPF: Dependency Injection in XAML

Thomas Gerber gives us another bar control with the WPF OutlookBar control

Karl Shifflett reduces time to develop once more with Viewing Design Time Data in Visual Studio 2008 Cider Designer in WPF and Silverlight Projects

Jgoldb announces Fixes to WpfPerf Performance Profiling Tool

Colin Eberhardt has a really nice article on Bullet Graphs; A Custom Control – WPF vs. Windows Forms


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