2008 October 10 – Links for today


A work colleague pointed me at Lightweight Test Automation Framework for ASP.NET Samples today. Looks promising but got me thinking again about UI functionality testing. So I started wondering if you could use jQuery to write a bunch of functionality tests for any kind of pages? i.e. Load a page, have jQuery check for expected page elements, manipulate given elements and check form / page interaction. I may even get time to try that out one day.


Dave M Bush on jQuery – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Casey Charlton points out a jQuery Gotcha – Functions in Events

Patterns & Practices

Dave M Bush again with Friday Books – Agile Software Development with Scrum and Automatic Implementation of Interfaces

pbielicki reckons Premature optimization is the root of all evil – not only in the Agile world

Kevin Hazzard presents A Survey of Popular .NET Inversion of Control Containers with slide decks and code 🙂 thanks Kevin.


David Yack discusses the .NET 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit

Mike Wasserman has done a bunch of work on Multitouch applications with a web cam??? source code also available

Shahar Y presents an article on Measure String Size In Pixels (C#)

Possibly the best collection of geek related cartoons ever

Tina Holmboe illuminates with XHTML — myths and reality

37 Signals with an extremely simple, effective and important exert on getting stuff done with a line I simply love – Be an Executioner


Laurence Moroney explains Why don’t Beta 2 sites work on RC0 

Seema Ramchandani on XPerf: A CPU Sampler for Silverlight

Jesse Liberty goes into Custom Controls – The Dénouement

Manish Dalal offers stealth paging in the datagrid

Mike Snow keeps ’em comin’ with Text Wrapping and Line Breaks in TextBlocks and How to Display Special Characters in XAML

While Jeff Handley posts a follow up to yesterdays post Tab Navigation in a Popup, Take 2 


Possibly the best book ever on Database Design (Place tongue firmly in cheek) 

and Alex Kozak delves into The Bejeweled Puzzle in SQL 


Peter Durand does a great job of an Edward Tufte Redux 

The guys at BulletProofBox have written up an excellent article on Web-Based Rich Text Editors Compared

David Engfer lets it all out with a Case Study of Poor Web Usability and Design


WindowsClient.Net present What’s New for Performance Profiling Tools for WPF

Todd Miranda Builds a Custom GridLength Animation

Dr WPF examines FrameworkElement vs. FrameworkContentElement

Sacha Barber – I think I love you, how shallow I am, it really is all about the candy – WPF : Sticky Notes ListBox

Rudi Grobler – Validation in WPF using PostSharp/AOP

Laurent Bugnion on Converting and customizing XAML to PNG with server-side WPF

Adam Kinney looks at WPF Effects and Transitions Library Applied

Karl Shifflett gives us a Cool Usage Tip For XAML Power Toys


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