2008 October 09 – Links for today


Bertrand Le Roy on New AJAX Support For Data-Driven Web Apps


Dmitry illustrates How to Add Drop Shadows to Menus or Windows with CSS


Stan Lemon introduces jGrowl “jGrowl is a jQuery plugin that raises unobtrusive messages within the browser, similar to the way that OS X’s Growl Framework works” with an update also available – jGrowl 1.1.1


Smashing Magazine illuminates with Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Best Of: Part 2
Paul Stovell with more on Bindable LINQ: Dependencies and Architecture: Five tips for Low Friction Projects
Ramky asks What are the Good Qualities of a Developer??
Tim Ferris reprints 2600’s article: From Tesla Motors to the “Patriot Hack” – Martin Eberhard on Protecting Your Privacy Online

Patterns & Practices

Shawn Burke gets truly TLA rich with MEF ‘n IoC 
Patrick Smacchia explains Some Unexpected Code Dependency Issues in NDepend
Matt grommes continues a really good series in My First Agile Project Part 6: The First End Of Our Project


Kirk Allen Evans on Hosting Silverlight in a SharePoint Webpart
Andy Nogueira’s Thoughts on the application of Siverlight and its direction…
Corey Schuman’s  Overview of Databinding in Silverlight
Laurence Moroney on running Silverlight RC0 and Beta 2 Side by Side: Question of the Day
Mike Snow shows us How to Dynamically Load a Silverlight Control within another Silverlight Control
David Hill’s first in a series of articles on Silverlight Navigation – Part 1 
Jonas Follesø on Efficient testing in Silverlight 2 using tags


Kevin Kline makes a large claim indeed with How to Improve Application and Database Performance up to 40% in One Easy Step
Chad Miller continues with SQL Server PowerShell Extensions (SQLPSX) Part 2
Brian Walker guides with SQL Server database design disasters: What not to do


Janko Jovanovic another great article on Building better web forms: Validation best practices


John Bowen details Syntax for Nested Attached Properties
Josh Smith on Binding to (Validation.Errors)[0] without Creating Debug Spew
Pavan Podila notes Generic.xaml must have a build action of Page
Rudi Grobler documents Learning PRISM – Getting Started… and Validation in WPF using PostSharp/AOP


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