2008 October 07 – Links for today


Omar Al Zabir with ASP.NET website Continuous Integration+Deployment using CruiseControl.NET, Subversion, MSBuild and Robocopy


alkampfer debates Expression Tree vs reflection


Tim Heuer discusses the use of Silverlight 2 UI Templates

Dave’s post Linked to by Tim announcing Dave’s Glossy Controls for Silverlight 2 released

Jesse Liberty discusses the Tag Property – The Diplomatic Pouch of Silverlight

Faisal encourages us to Feel the power of Silverlight 2

Katrien De Graeve looks at Different ways for loading images and files in Silverlight 2 applications

Lee goes digs deeper with DataGrid in ComboBox

Mike Snow unlocks Accessing the HTML DOM from Silverlight.

Bill Reiss has taken his PathTextBlock control referred to in yesterdays post and created a CodePlex project for it. Thanks Bill 🙂


Jimmy Bogard’s Three simple Rhino Mocks rules


Dmitry asks How Usable is Your Copy?

Jared Spool defines The 3 Q’s for Great Experience Design (not quite sure why they are the “3 Q’s” though :S

György Fekete gives a great rundown on 7 Ingredients Of Good Corporate Design


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