2008 October 06 – Links for today


Omar Al Zabir – Create REST API using ASP.NET MVC that speaks both Json and plain Xml and Best practices for creating websites in IIS 6.0


Daniel Grunwald helps us out with Weak Events in C#


Rick Strahl laments the fact there is No Empty Selector in jQuery

OK So this one isn’t just jQuery but it is predominantly and it’s really a great list of jQuery resources so who’s gonna quibble (I don’t get a chance to say that word often enough, note to self, use the word quibble more in every day conversation :)).


Paul Stovell’s introduction to Bindable LINQ: Getting Started

Steve Michelotti introduces us to the Enterprise Library Validation Application Block with ASP.NET MVC

Stephen Forte announces a change to WCF and WF in Get Ready for Dublin

Roy Osherove list of tools and frameworks you should care about: Agile Testing tools List

Smashing magazine gives us 7 Version Control Systems Reviewed

Patterns and Practices

Shivprasad koirala presents his overview of Agile Development Part 2


Lee’s take on Changing Foreground of cells that are modified in DataGrid

Bill Reiss seems to be happier with font outlining in the latest SL2 release and says so in Finally, outlining text in Silverlight good enough for now

Martin Mihaylov brings more datagrid goodness with DataGrid and row details in Silverlight 2

David Anson sets out on Preserving access to Silverlight 2’s generic.xaml resources [SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser updated for the Silverlight 2 RC!]

Jeff Wilcox produces a great article on the Microsoft Silverlight Unit Test Framework which is available at the MSDN Code Gallery


Robert Sheldon discusses Using Powershell to Generate Table-Creation Scripts

Jacob Sebastian on Recursive CTE and Ordering of the hierarchical result


Jason Yip gives his hint with Test enough to be confident vs Complete testing in time


Jacob Gube brings us his 30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs

Jared Spool points us at browsewr compatibility development with Browser Compatibility: Asked & Answered


Brian Noyes presents Understanding Routed Events and Commands In WPF

Thomas Gerber presents his implementation of a WPF Explorer Bar

Tamir Khason reports on Free MS Expression video training and SILVERLIGHT BIDI CONTROLS LIBRARY RC0 AND MOVEMENT FROM BETA 2 TO RC0

Jaime Rodriguez details the WPF pixel shader effects library on Codeplex.

Adam Kinney does a WPF Effects Library Interview with David Teitlebaum and details some other effects Left out of the interview 


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