2008 October 03 – Links for today


I got this link from a good colleague of mine who pointed me at Steven van Deursen’s Introducing CuttingEdge.Conditions.A library that helps developers to write pre- and postcondition validations and more here – really useful stuff, Cheers Rich and Steven.


DotNetSlackers keep on going with their series on JQuery, the very very basics – Lesson 4

Patterns & Practices

Kevin Hazzard points us at A Survey of Popular .NET Inversion of Control Containers


Greg Low on Presenting at Large Events (Lessons learned) 

What with Live Mesh causing a few security holes and by-passes and subsequently being blocked by companies, I got recommended syncplicity for folder synching. Gotta be worth a look. See the PCWorld article for more and a comparison with other similar sites.

The great wee CMS that is Umbraco is now even easier to learn now thanks to the video tutorials just released.

A really important message from Sitepoint in an interview by Kevin Yank with Derek Featherstone, Accessibility is More Than Compliance

I would want to find a way to have every web developer and designer experience what various people with disabilities would experience through whatever means, and in person if possible. Because that experience of seeing people and experiencing what shortcomings there are in our work when a person with a disability is using them … that’s a transformative experience


Tim Heuer on Installing Silverlight RC0 Offline and some hardcore media stuff in MediaStreamSource sample for Silverlight a piece of the Silverlight runtime that removes the influence of a media file’s container, giving developers direct access to APIs for manipulating encoded elementary audio and video streams and Silverlight and Web Service Errors

Jesse Liberty with more on his Dependency Properties – Precedence series

Jeff Paries’ film strip gallery – really, check this one out.

Mike Snow on How to Apply Styles in Silverlight – Part I

Bill Reiss announces Hello! Silverlight 2 coming to a bookstore near you

Mark Smith posts his demos from his 2-day binding + network Silverlight2 training in Boston   


Jacob Sebastian TSQL Lab 20 – Performing recursive updates using a BOTTOM to TOP recursive CTE


Ben Scheirman  presents a great tip on Using Extension Methods to Clean Up Tests

Tim Barcz follows on from his great post yesterday to discuss a really fundamental yet basic Testing Pre-Requisite – Care About Your Code – once more, I completely agree Tim, nicely put.


Nathan Moody gives a great look at pressure based input with From the Labs: Microsoft Surface + Nintendo Wii Mashup

Dmitry Fadeyev reckons we should Forget the Wireframes, Throw Away Your Boxy Layouts — Design BIG! and I love this post on Manage Focus Effectively Using Contrast. It definitely aids in guiding the user to key pieces of information, now we just need to figure out what they actually want highlighted and not necessarily what we think they want 🙂

Jared Spool on Conducting Usability Tests in the Wild

Anthony J. Zinni rounds up AMAZING WEBSITES TEN: SEPTEMBER 2008


Rudi Grobler on Binding to enum’s

Rajesh Pillai continues with Simple WPF BarChart (Horizontal and Vertical) – Part II


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