2008 October 02 – Links for today


Scott Hanselman does a great job with this article on Plug-In Hybrids: ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.MVC and ASP.NET Dynamic Data Side By Side. With so much happening with so many technologies so rapidly, it is nice to see a good example of these sorts of hybrids. Now if he could just do one with jQuery and AJAX as well we would be sorted ūüėČ (NB: There seems to be a few of these hybrid type posts today)
Sam Gentile publishes Thoughts on Web Development with ASP.NET Dynamic Data, Castle Active Record, jQuery


Pavan Podila presents his Carousel component in jQuery
Craig Shoemaker Using jQuery to Call ASP.NET AJAX Page Methods  
Jonathan Snook presents Using jQuery for background image animations
WebResourcesDepot spotlights the jQuery Datagrid: Ingrid


Rudi Grobler on Learning PRISM ‚Äď Modularity
Nick La and his thoughts on Javascript in Modern Web Design
Get stuff for Giving back to your community


Denislav Savkov gives us some stats on Silverlight rendering performance in different browsers
Patrick Smacchia on Comparing Silverlight and the .NET Framework
And take a look at the Page Turner stuff in the WPF and Silverlight BookControls CodePlex project
Jeff Wilcox helps us robust up with Silverlight Unit Test Framework: New features & download for RC0
Corrina Barber has started updating her applications; starting with her Red control skin
Mike Snow eases up a little today bit still keeps them coming with How to Develop with Silverlight Tools for Free
Shawn Wildermuth gives us more data love with Silverlight and ADO.NET Data Service Operations
Martin Grayson has updated Blacklight for Silverlight 2 RC0
Texture mapping in Silverlight!
Jesse Liberty picks up the multiple post baton today with Dependency Properties, Continued and an Animation Web Cast
And I could only go ‚ÄėOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH‚Äô when I same this next one from Matthias Shapiro on How To Use a ListView or DataGrid In a ComboBox Drop Down (Without A Line Of Code)

Eugene Osovetsky gives some good advice for handling Faults and Exceptions when using Web Services in Silverlight 2


Multiple SQL posts today from Jacob Sebastian РTSQL Lab 18 РPerforming Recursive Updates using CTE  and TSQL Lab 19 РHow to find differences between two dates in HH:MM:SS format?


Casey Charlton reckons Testing Is Not Technically Hard, It Is Hard Because It Requires Clear Thought and Understanding РWhat do you reckon?

Tim Barcz writes a great article on¬†Testing – It’s About Ensuring Correctness¬†
For the moment forget words such as “Unit Test”, “Integration Test”, or “System Test”. ¬†Those terms only indicate different scopes on which you can test for correctness…….It’s about ensuring correctness.¬† It’s about continuous improvement, being better than you were yesterday.¬† Testing a bit more than you were yesterday.

Roy Osherove goes on to say Unit Testing decoupled from TDD as well== Adoption
Udi Dahan provokes some consideration on where we should be focusing our testing and the point of it all in the business context in Unit Testing for Developers and Managers


Jared Spool reckons we need to Communicate Quick РFirst Impressions Through Visual Web Design
I need to spend some time at the Design Shard, looks like some great resources 
Dmitry presents a Usability Tip: Use Verbs as Labels on Buttons
Glen Stansberry helps out with 10 Smart Javascript Techniques to Improve Your UI
And Anthony Zinni spotlights common traits of bad web design. /me quickly checks some of mine 


Vincent Sibal gives an Overview of the editing features in the WPF DataGrid


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