2008 October 01 – Links for today


Michael C Kennedy on Unit Testing Coming to a Workflow Near You

Zakir Hoosen on Extension classes

Patterns & Practices

Bill Kratochvil  on the MEF & CompositeWPF under one roof

Jeremy D Millar has a great rant on how Separate Assemblies != Loose Coupling

David Hayden embelishes on the Decorator Pattern


MAK over at Sql Server Central continues his DBA Bread and butter series

Ron Dameron on Why This SQL Server DBA is Learning Powershell


Lawrence Moroney on How to use Silverlight RC0 and some code updates for his Silverlight 2 book

Mike Snow goes multi blog postal again withposts on MessageBox is now Available in Silverlight 2How to Popup a Browser Window and How to Enable and Disable Controls.

Jesse Liberty delves into the Dependency Property System – Deeper Dive Part 1

Pete Brown details 3d Rendering with Texture Mapping in Silverlight – Quake

Mike Hillberg has twitchy fingers with A Comparable DataTrigger 

Bart Czernicki brings us his Silverlight 2 (RC0 / RTM) – Dynamic Assembly Loading Fix

Jeff Wilcox reckons If you can do it in JavaScript, you can do it in managed Silverlight .NET code

David shows us his Silverlight Stock Portfolio 

Shawn Wildermuth has New Information on WebClient in Silverlight 2

Harsh Bardhan at DotNetCurry gives us a Step By Step guide on Using Silverlight to Access a WCF Service Hosted In a Console Application

Tim Heuer details some Silverlight multi-file upload controls and patterns

priti_sisodia at Codeplex highlights Using Custom Fonts in Silverlight

Martin Mihaylov gets my vote with his Voting Control code

Peter McGrattan’s on his Silverlight 2 RC0 Polling Duplex Evolution (also check out Silverlight 2 WCF Polling Duplex Support – Part 3: The Client)

Gerard LeBlanc has a lovely page turner at Turn the page!


Jani Järvinen helps us Getting Up and Running with the Composite UI Application Block for WPF


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