2008 September 30 – Links for today

Patterns & Practices

Brad Abrams has written a really good Simple Introduction to Extensible Applications with the Managed Extensions Framework – well worth checking out.


Mike Snow has been really busy once more with multiple posts since the release of RC0, including How to Implement a Password Box, How to Implement a Combobox, How to Implement a Progress Bar and Main Game Loop Revisited!

Pete Brown also goes with multiple posts with Silverlight 2 Per-Frame Rendering Callback – CompositionTarget.Rendering Event and Building Facebook Applications with Silverlight 2

Jesse Liberty points out that Isolated Storage – Might Be Easier Than You Think

Manish Dalal helps out with usage of ComboBox in DataGrid

Matt Serbinski on Silverlight and Drupal: Syndication

Chris Anderson on Building a Framework for Silverlight Line-Of-Business Applications

Karl Shifflett brings us another update on XAML Power Toys 3.0.0 Released – Code Name: Refactored

Delay goes over Maintaining pretenses with the layout system [LayoutTransform functionality updated for Silverlight 2!]

The Expression Blend Team gives us an update with Silverlight 2 RC compatible Deep Zoom project templates

Matthias Shapiro follows up on yesterday with Color Picker In Action (In The Silverlight Particle Project)

Adam Kinney lets us know about 3D Views for WPF from Xceed

Oh and there is a new MS Arts and technology site to inspire next web based projects.


Nidal Arabi on SQL Server Analysis Services – Dimensional Modeling Concepts

Joe Webb goes over Using Covering Indexes to Improve Query Performance

Jacob Sebastian brings us TSQL Lab 15 – Another PIVOT Query Example


Littletutorials request you use Thought Driven Developmentdon’t pass the responsibility of thinking to the process. It will not do it for youlove the trucks and bridge bits and would definitely consider certifying as an abile consultant 🙂


Jared Spool on Asking Participants to “Pretend” in User Studies and a great data visualization from SmartMoney.com


Finally for today Rajesh Pillai shows us his Simple WPF Bar Chart Control


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