2008 September 29 – Links for today


DotNetCurry on Using the ASP.NET Repeater Control to Group Data and Add Totals

Lalith B provides a Simple Ajax, ASP.NET and C# implementation for a page wait or process screen

Leo Stableford presents an article on REST Web Services in ASP.Net 2.0


Huge news from ScottGu and Scott Hanselman onMS teaming up jQuery with ASP.Net AJAX. You guys ROCK! – Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio going forward

Best brush up then 🙂

DotNetSlackers continue their series on JQuery, the very very basics – Lesson 3

And Rick Strahl joins the fray with An introduction to jQuery Part 1: The Client Side

Patterns & Practices

Glenn Block answers What is the Managed Extensibility Framework?


Bart Czernicki gives us a breakdown of Silverlight 2 RC0 – Important & Less Obvious things developers need to know

Matthias Shapiro goes all out with a Silverlight Color Picker, Using a Color Picker Silverlight Control and also Styling a Silverlight ScrollViewer (to Look Like a Mac ScrollViewer)

Jeff Handley points out a Silverlight 2 Post Beta2 Gotcha – ContentPresenter

Gerard Leblanc presents some Rotating images

Jesse Liberty also presents on RC0 & ContentPresenter

Ed Silverton presents a Silverlight 3D Flickr Photo Explorer

And finally, Shawn Burke on his Updated ExpandoHeaderControl for RC0


Technet article on Cryptography in SQL Server

Brian Walker warns about SQL Server database design disasters: What not to do

And Jacob Sebastian gives some advice on Be careful when renaming SPs/Views/Functions/Triggers


Dennis “D.C.” Dietrich expounds on A poor man’s approach to testing with databases

Karl Seguin defines Simplicity is key to successful unit testing


Amit revisits WPF Binding Converter Best Practices Continued

Greg Schechter has a More Useful Multi-Input Effect

The guys at WindowsClient.Net give us the WPF Application Quality Guide

Tamir Khason lets us know that the new version of the WPF performance profiling tool is available for download

Jeff Handley again with Binding to Nullable Values in XAML

Sasha Barber unravels A Few WPF Mysteries and How to create Styles in code/and magical Content

Matthias Shapiro brings us a gorgeous Zooming Button Style In Silverlight Without Code

While John Bowen discusses Sharing Assemblies Between Silverlight and WPF

Ken Johnson presents PolyStar – WPF Polygons and Stars

And finally jgoldb talks about Event Tracing in WPF


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