2008 September 26 – Links for today


Stephane Caron presents prettyPhoto: a jQuery lightbox clone

Gath Adams informs about Integrating JQuery with ASP.net – A Cool Client-side Alert Box

Steve Michelotti presents his solution on how to Use jQuery with ASP.NET with jQuery.noConflict()



Christopher Bennage shares his pain with Shared Hosting & The Bleeding Edge

While Brendan Tompkins finds the love with Umbraco or : How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Building Web Sites

and Derek Hatchard got me a hug from the missus after she laughed out loud after watching Hug a developer – we’re in pain

Patterns & Practices

Steve Smith presents a guide to the strategy pattern with ninject

Jared Richardson presents on Broken Windows and Dirty Parking Lots


The big news of the day has to be from the GuMeister himself – Silverlight 2 Release Candidate Now Available with plenty on his post and more at Mike Snows post

Mike also posts, as if that weren’t enough for one day, on Font Support in Silverlight

Jordan on Create a Snapshot of your data in Silverlight

Alexey Zakharov delves into Virtual earth deep zooming

Tim Heuer on IsolatedStorage as a Silverlight object cache


The Surface guys report on Microsoft Surface and Seadragon


John Resig with Advanced Javascript and Processing.js

Jared Spool enlightens us with Why Understanding Business Models is Important to Interaction Designers


Vincent Sibal presents Pasting content to new rows on the WPF DataGrid

Ruben Steins with his take on Custom Markup Extensions in WPF

Matthias Shapiro on Making An Event Trigger Act Like a Property Trigger
Karl Shifflett reports on his My First Month at Microsoft – XAML Power Toys Update


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