2008 September 25 – Links for today



Rick Strahl gives us his take on Browser Rendering Differences and Browser Resets


J Eggers brings his experiences in Migrating to jQuery


Deepa Gheewala on The FILESTREAM Data Type in SQL Server 2008

Anith Sen on Faking Arrays in Transact SQL


Mike Snow gives us another in his tips series: Text Formatting with the TextBlock control

Lee on Adding mouse wheel support to ScrollViewer and Getting the control inside a DataTemplate

Dan Wahlin on Animating Clipping Paths in Silverlight 2

Manish Dalal looks at Pre submit validation! Instead of waiting for user to complete the data entry and then validating, we can trap user keystrokes as data is being entered and prevent invalid keys.

Emil Stoychev announces the LinkLabel control is now live on CodePlex!


Dan Saffer anticipates The Death of the Mouse


Marlon Grech spotlights the release of 2 new apps he has worked on with Uniblue extolling the virtues of the .Net Client Profile


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