2008 September 24 – Links for today


Ashish brings us news of a great ViewState Decoder Add-On for Firefox


The UI Guy brings his The UI guy – Select Box Factory 2.0 for jQuery to the table. The demos highlight some fantastic functionality

Cedric Dugas shows us his Hover image link fader


Shahar Y asks EventArgs.Empty – Do You Use It?


Peter Norvig shows that maybe you should take the longer term view with Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years

Patterns & Practices

Phil Haack explains how The Design Is Never Right The First Time

Dino Esposito breaks down ASP.NET and Design Patterns


Koen Zwikstra – lets us know about Silverlight Spy gets an update

Anthony Lombardo breaks down Building Line of Business Apps in Silverlight 2

esse Liberty shows two ways to change the appearance of a control: with “in-line” attributes and XAML styles. He also shows how to create styles in Expression Blend–and shows the XAML Expression Blend generates automatically–and how to drag-and-drop styles onto controls. Also Styling and skinning objects and how to add state management to template controls using the Visual State Manager

Michiel Post presents his Free Silverlight Multi File Uploader


Jared Spool highlights What Goes into a Well-Done Critque?


Beatriz Costa on How can I debug WPF bindings?

Doug at Worksight opens our eyes to the Closable TabItem

Pavan Podila on apply a striped background to any of your elements


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