2008 September 23 – Links for today

Gah, take a couple of days break and everyone releases everything at once. There’s just no stopping this here interweb thingy is there?


David Hill discusses the first drop of Prism 2.0

Matt Berseth details New Dynamic Data demos

Patterns & Practices

Steven Smith looks at Avoiding Dependencies


Mike Snow gives a couple more great tips Silverlight-enabled WCF Services versus ASMX Web Services and making it snow in Silverlight

Jesse Liberty kicks things off again with A common start application for creating custom controls

Martin Mihaylov brings more on Editing information in the Datagrid

Bill Reiss outlines some Pretty darned cool text tricks and Troubleshooting Data Access AND Calling WCF on the local server from Silverlight… phew

Gerard Leblanc shows us Visual effects while displaying an image (part II)

Lee gives us A select all checkbox in the datagrid and with scrollbars

The Synergist guys have updated their superb watch demo

Andy Beaulieu presents his slides on a practical use of physics in a Silverlight app

Mike Taulty discusses Sharing library projects in Silverlight and WPF and then brings more on Drawing Outside the Control Region


The guys over at SqlServerCentral present an outline of what to do in Organisations with no DBA


Joe Stagner presents a whole gamut of links on REST in WCF


Vincent Sibal presents a WPF datagrid clipboard paste example

Adam Kinney gives a rundown of his findings Learning WPF Effects

Pavan Podila brings more on Visual Enhancements to the Virtualized CoverFlow

Sasha Barber branches out into A Tree’y Spidery Type WPF Diagram Control (sorry, couldn’t resist) and talks us through Binding And Using Localized Enums In WPF


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