2008 September 13 – Links for today

There would have been far more links today but Chrome crashed on me a wiped a bunch of stuff out :(. Not happy. In the most part I have been very happy with Chrome. OK, the CSS support means that invalid sites are more obvious and the Silverlight support is not there yet, but I quite like it so far. I am still a hardcore Firefox user, mostly due to the excellent add-ons that are out there, but thought I would give this one a fair shout. Only thing is at the moment I am getting crashes from Chrome roughly once a day. Not sure why, and it recovers fairly elegantly, but still a bone of contention. Ah well, need to remember that IE 8 Beta 2 still crashes on me and occasionally renders oddly too (see imdb for more on that, and FF3 does occasionally have problems too.

Design Patterns

Shivprasad koirala gives an intro to Inversion of control and Dependency injection


Tim Huckaby has a place where he presents some of his Interknowlogy silverlight presentations and videos
Adam Calderon details how he is missing Attached Events in Silverlight
Mike Dobbles presents a great article on Creating a Silverlight data centric web app with DataGrid, LINQ, and WCF Web Service
Jesse Liberty is back and Digging into Custom Controls and more on templateable custom controls
Julie Lerman outlines her InkPresenter – Staying in the lines findings
What do you think to Joel Neubeck’s Templated Silverlight Rating Control?
Nikolay Raychev helps us to understand Internationalization / localization in Silverlight
Mike Snow points us at Perils of Floating point counters


Microsoft publish their Best Practices for Data Warehousing with SQL Server 2008


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