2008 September 12 – Links for today


Michael Mitchell presents his One-Click Upload – A jQuery Plugin

replaces the standard file input element, allowing you to use any link, image or element to be used for the purpose of bringing up the ?file browse? dialogue. It completes the upload behind the scenes without refreshing the page, making it less obtrusive and easier to style than a standard upload form 


In a world of digital photos, I thought this was a lovely idea
Six Revisions presents 6 tools to Help you analyze a web host (also check out here too)
Oh and this guy is a genius 🙂

Patterns & Practices

Glenn Block gives us his rundonw on The Alt.Net Criterion
Dave Laribee explains indepth the Open Closed Principle
Rudi Grobler on Learning PRISM – Unity Redux
Jermey Miller on the newly released P&P Architectural Guidance V2


Martin Mihaylov provides an Introduction to the DataGrid control in Silverlight 2
Jonas Follesoe comes out once more with an excellent article on Back and forward navigation in Silverlight 2 using ASP.NET AJAX
Martin Grayson presents an updated Patient Journey Demonstrator – another must see!
Julie Lerman brings us her MSDN Article on Writing apps you can draw on!


Manie Verster gives us an overview of Patindex in SQL Server
Brian Knights screencast on how to Create a Tabular Report


Deepthi Nair gives a quick begginer intro to WCF


Paul Stovell discusses the productivity of WPF vs Windows Forms


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