2008 September 09 – Links for today


These have been about for some time but I really just wanted to add them to the list because they absolutely rock! Johnny Lee (and some other seriously clever bods) have established ways of making the Nintendo Wii remote useable in some crazy directions, including 3D motion tracking, Interactive whiteboard usage and head position tracking. Really worth a looksee here, here and at his blog


Jordan gives a great rundown on Controlling Silverlight by Using Browser Back and Foward Buttons

John Papa shares his tips on Declaring Events

Pavan Podila on having the Lawson Smart client using ElementFlow

Went through one particular show on sparkling client recently which had some great bits which I have missed in the past. Anyway it’s show notes detail most of the following but I thought I would list them anyway as I want to remember them 🙂


A most excellent flythrough RSS reader

Hans Rosling presents a genius presentation on data visualisation and debunking third world myths – sets the bar for us all I think


Vincent Sibal presents some WPF BindingGroup and Validation Feedback options

OJ over at learnwpf.com has published a community shader project at CodePlex for those who don’t want to write shaders themselves, but DO want to add cool effects to their app


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