2008 September 08 – Links for today


Rudi Grobler breaks down his experiences of Learning PRISM


Josh Smith again with Synchronizing the width of elements in an ItemsControl
Corey Shumann shows how to Make a Play / Pause button in Silverlight
The guys over at First Floor Software have released Silverlight Spy

The latest release of Silverlight Spy contains a Performance Monitor, allowing you to monitor the memory usage of your Silverlight application. See the garbage collector in action using a familiar user interface.

Mike Snow again with How to Create Reflections and Shadows for Images and Text
Adam Kinney offers some lab love with his Animation Hands On lab for Silverlight 2 and more with Tweening Equations for Silverlight and even more on Procedural Animation in Silverlight 2 and a really nice list of custom shader effects for WPF


Use a Unique index or a Unique Constraint?
Dave Clarke elegantly deals with Passing lists to SQL Server – this post deals particularly well with handling multiple values, rather than the list of single items so common in other examples


This kinda covers a bunch of things UX related – well worth looking at. Continuum show

The Continuum refers to the array of UI technologies available form Microsoft including WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, IE8,Windows 7, Surface and more.


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