2008 September 05 – Links for today



Stephen Walther continues his articles on his ASP.Net MVC website for displaying family videos with Silverlght (phew)


Easy way to improve your image gallery using jQuery
J. Eggers continues his Starting with jQuery series, this time regarding the Validation Plug-in


Worksight present a great Silverlight ComboBox which includes templating, databinding and auto complete capabilities.
Creating a Glowing effect in Silverlight 2
Silverlight Girl presents a fix for Making text appear and dissappear in Silverlight 2
Peter McGrattan presents Silverlight 2 WCF polling duplex support article.

carry your favorite Silverlight content from the web and share with colleagues who are not connected to internet. Distribute your Silverlight content on USB flash drives or in CDs where ever and to whomever you want

Josh Smith shows us how to Add checkboxes to record selectors in XamDataGrid
Mike Snow shows us how to implement full screen mode. I could not get this to work in FF 3, IE 8 Beta 2 was fine though. After a little digging, I found that to get full screen mode to work in Firefox 3, you need to rename C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\2.0.30523.8\npctrl.1.0.30401.0.DLL to .OLD (or delete it) and restart firefox. This is a known Silverlight 2 Beta 2 bug (see here for more details)


MSDN’s Basic WCF Technology samples


Todd Miranda shows us how to Build an Asynchronous Progress Bar in WPF


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